The New A9: Speed as Standard

2019 is the year that road bike aero really took off. Yes, Cervelo claimed the first aero road bike in 2003 with the Soloist and yes many manufacturers have followed suit. But for 2019 every manufacturer has jumped on the aero bandwagon or gone full aero for their high-end bikes. We haven’t jumped on the aero bandwagon, and we have been working through our aero designs and very shortly the pinnacle of our aero designs will be released, the ICAN A9.

We have followed the growth of aero bikes and their developments very closely. We have taken the science and fact that works and discarded the marketing fluff that comes with many of these new releases. We wanted to build an aero frameset and bike that quietly went about slicing through the air. We are also aware that this very article might be conceived as marketing and it is, but we’re going to dispose of the jargon of sales and just be upfront.

We know that we are a new brand that you might not have heard our name. We can refer you to various forums, such as the Chiner Town forum, where you can find a variety of great reviews of our products and the experiences of people who have bought from us. We know that some people might not want to do that, so we are going to talk about our carbon fiber A9 and relate it to products you might have seen out on the road.

The new A9

The A9 like all of our products at ICAN is constructed from carbon fiber. We won’t give the carbon fiber a different name to disguise the quality of the quality of the carbon fiber we are selling you we will tell you exactly what it is. In our A9 we use a blend of Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber. We have linked the words to the Toray website so you can see what the carbon fiber manufacturer says about their product.

Now, what have we done with that carbon fiber? The first thing you might notice on the complete bike is that you can’t see any cable or hoses. We decided that there is no point in building an aero frameset if you are just going to let the cables flap about in the wind. So your cables are completely hidden using our new stem and frameset. Any watts that can be saved, we have saved them.

Disc Road Frame A9 Pre-Order Carbon ican

When you think aero, you tend to think stiff bikes. There is a feature that we first saw on the Merida Reacto, that of having a lower seat stays and we were intrigued. Testing allowed us to see that this design helped to bring the rear wheel in and shield it from the wind, it also gave a shorter wheelbase, and we’ll come back to that. It also causes the frame to be stiffer as the stays are shorter, the longer a set of stays get the more flex you encounter. Shorter stays also use less carbon fiber, so they are by default lighter as well. We really like the lower seat tube connection of our rear stays.

Disc Road Frame A9 Pre-Order carbon

The lowering of the seat stays and bringing the wheel in causes a few geometry changes. You will get a faster feeling bike thanks to bringing the rear wheel inwards. We found some people didn’t like all the way that bikes with short wheelbases. They found them too twitchy. We set to work on the geometry of the A9 to alleviate this issue. We ended up with geometry that is very close to that of a Scott Foil. Handily, it was a bike that many of our friends enjoyed riding. It is racy but has enough respite for ordinary mortals.

Fitting geometry

While testing the geometry we had to look at the fork, the fork’s offset and trail can be a significant factor in sorting the handling characteristics of your bike. We also wanted a fork that blended into our frame, without any unsightly cutouts. We wanted the frame and fork to appears as one and to work together to help you slice through the air. Our new fork and stem ended up looking very close to the new Specialized Venge front end, so did our new seat post, have you looked at the seatpost? It should be in a modern art gallery. 

Disc Road Frame A9 seatpost

Heading along

Thankfully though our head tube does not look a Venge’s, our headtube has been computer modeled and analyzed to make sure it will help guide you to victory in any sprints you might contest. If you would like to know what our head tube looks like we feel our design is similar to that as found on the Willier Cento10, especially with it’s truncated tail design. That is why our bike is so fast.

Disc Road Frame A9 handbar

We have ridden all of the bikes mentioned here, we have cut them open, we have studied them, and we have worked out what worked on them and what didn’t. We feel we have achieved our aim to bring you the best aero bike for your money. We haven’t finished there though as we could also say that we have brought you the best aero disc brake bike for your money.

Time to stop

Yeah, we got all the way through this article, and we forgot to tell you that the new A9 is designed around flat mount calipers. You can run a 160mm disc brake at the front and a 140mm disc brake at the back. So no matter how fast your push the A9 you can be sure of being able to stop in a hurry if you need to.

Disc Road Frame A9 Hub

Other features we have added include thru axles. Thru axles allow you to discover the true braking power of road disc brakes. They also help to build a much stiffer wheelset and let all of your power be transmitted to the road. Thru axle wise, we have a 100 x 12mm at the front and 142 x 12mm at the rear.

Make 2019 the year that you dominate your races with our A9.

  • Feb 15, 2019
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PA Botha August 10, 2019

What is the cost of the complete A9

Rita August 16, 2019

@PA Botha
This is the link of A9.
If you are interested, you can check it out.

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