Carbon Track Bike Frameset AC135

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The High Quality Carbon Track Bike Frame You Should Not Miss

Have you ever watched track racing on TV and thought I would like to give that a try? With our AC135 track Bike frame, you will be able to go from starting out to top of the podium with a bike frame that will not let you down and will not break the bank.

Our new track bike frame, the AC135, is designed around speed. No compromise has been made in this pursuit. If you want to dominate your local track league, then this frame is designed for you. Rolling into the velodrome people will tremble with fear as they watch your frame roll past. This frameset looks mean and fast, winning you the psychological battle on the start line.

We have used the excellent Toray T700 carbon fiber to construct this track demolishing frameset. We have sculpted the carbon fibers into one of the stiffest bike frames that you will ever right.

The best feature though is that we have delivered this frameset at a price that means even beginners to track racing can afford it and avoid having to hire bikes every week.

Our seat stays are lowered to avoid the wind, letting you get your rear wheel tight into the frame to keep your wheelbase as short as possible. Lowered seat stays will also add another layer of stiffness to this frameset and matched to our oversized chain stays you will find that all of your power goes to driving the rear wheel.

We have also fitted our stiff track fork, perfectly designed to match the tapered headtube on the frame. You will find this front end to be super stiff and your steering to be super precise. Allowing you to pick the perfect line around the velodrome; making sure that no gap is too small for you to thread your way through.

If you want this wheelset fast and taxes free(taxes prepaid by ICAN), Then you can go to our overseas warehouse to buy it now.

Why choose Carbon Track Bike Frameset AC135

1. The excellent carbon fiber material we use 
Our Carbon track bike AC135 frame has been from the ground up using the excellent Toray T700 carbon fibre.

2. The faster speed 

This frame has been optimized to make sure every watt you press through your pedals is transmitted to your wheels to maximize how fast you ride. You will not believe how fast this frame goes; it will feel like you have attached a motor to your bike.

3.Compact design, more in line with aerodynamics

To do this, we have built the frame with a tapered head tube to make sure there is no flex at the front of the bike. Our bottom bracket area is enormous. There will be absolutely no deflection from your pedal stroke here. We have lowered the seat stays this is both for aerodynamic purposes and because it makes the frame stiffer. We wanted all your effort to push your back wheel round and not to be lost in unnecessary flex.

4.Extra aero carbon seatpost giveaways

With the frameset, you will also get an aero carbon seatpost as a nice finishing touch. The seatpost is not only aero but also adds to aggressive, sculpted looks of the AC135 track frameset, allow yourself to unleash your inner beast with this frame and destroy your competition.


Type:  New Track bike frame

Frame: SP-AC135

Fork: SP-AO135

Material: Toray T700 carbon

Weave: UD Glossy/Matt

Frame: weight 1600±40g

Fork weight: 370±20g

Headset: 1-1/8'',1-1/2"

BB(Bottom Bracket): BSA

Available sizes: 49cm, 51cm, 54cm, 56cm

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We use new packing box which is much more stiff and secured. It will protect the carbon products from the possible violently throwing and pressure during the shipping progress.

4.What is the best tire size for my ICAN wheels?

The best tire size for your wheel, which depends on the wheelsets type, size and the conditions you plan to ride the wheel in.
If you focus on speed,aerodynamic, each carbon wheel will have a specific recomended tire width, which is listed on specific product pages under rim specs.

We find(Not necessarily 100% correct): With a broader external width, ICAN Cycling wheels roll most optimally with a 28mm (actual width) tire. For Jet wheels, we recommend 25mm (actual width) tires, but 28mm (actual width) tires are still an excellent choice. Unless a podium step hangs in the balance, the difference in the speed of the Jet, using a 25mm tire versus a 28mm tire, works out to only 0.05 kph. That’s approximately 3 – 4 seconds over 40km.

Carbon Track Bike Frameset AC135