If you want to race cyclocross then the one upgrade you will need to make for your cyclocross bike is wheels. Wheels will make you faster. They will save you weight. More importantly, they will also look amazing on your bike. Tan wall tires on black carbon fiber rims will always look great, and by running disc brakes, you will be able to keep those looks no matter how much you brake.

If you ride in windy conditions or very muddy conditions, then a rim of 40mm or under would suit you. Ride in less muddy conditions and on road occasionally or want every aero advantage you can get? Then run 40mm plus rims. If you ride in a mix of conditions check out our 40/55mm Disc Wheelset Fast & Light Series, the best of both worlds can now be yours.

What type of axle do you have? If you have a standard quick release disc wheelset, you will need 9 x 100mm for your front wheel and 9 x 135mm for your rear wheel. Thru axle options come with two guises for front wheels, and you will need to know the difference or ask your fork manufacturer. They will either be 12 x 100mm or 15 x 100mm. Your rear wheel thru axle should be 12 x 142mm.

If you want to ride tubular tires (tubes), then you want to look at our 38mm Disc Wheelset (also available in standard (clincher) tyre format) or the 40mm Tubular Disc Wheelset. The rest of our cyclocross wheelsets come in our Fast and Light series, which are UCI approved. These wheels can be run with tubes or tubeless. All of these wheels feature a wider than standard rim. This allows the tyres to fill out a bit more, meaning that your wheels will now be more aero. The extra width will also give you a little bit more traction should you need it.

The final question to know is if you use standard six bolt pattern disc brake rotors or if you use Shimano’s Centrelock disc rotors. If you are using Centrelock, you will need to buy our FL50 DT240S/350S Centerlock Disc Wheelset. Still keeping our wide carbon fiber cyclocross rims but now using DT Swiss hubs instead of Novatec.

ICAN Best All Around Carbon Tubular Road Bike & Cyclocross Wheelset 40mm--Recommended for riders that want a stiff,...
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