We like making things easy for you here at ICAN. As such many of our product names tell you exactly what the product does. Our Fast and Light road bike wheels are a case in point. Do you want fast and light road bike wheels? If so you are in the right place.

By going wider with our rims, we are increasing speed for you by increasing comfort. This might seem counterintuitive but wider tyres at a lower pressure offer less rolling resistance, this is because roads are never perfect and wider tyres at a lower pressure will deflect less and keep rolling in a straight line. This is why most people are moving towards running 25 or 28mm wide tyres on their road bike.

Our wider rims mean that these wider tyres do not light bulb on the rim. When tyres are too big for a rim they take on the appearance of a light bulb and your cornering and traction will suffer because of this. Our rims are also tubeless ready so dropping pressure does not mean you should suffer from punctures. Go tubeless, and you will spend less time at the side of the road repairing punctures.

Our Toray T700 carbon fibre rims are mated to Novatec hubs by Sapim CX-Ray spokes. These spokes are seriously light and with our carbon rims mean your wheels will be some of the lightest around but happily will also be the most affordable high-quality wheelset you can find. Coming with approval from the UCI you can be sure that these wheels have been tested long and hard before becoming available to you. 

Now all you need to do is decide what rim depth you need for your bike. We have 40mm, 50mm, and 86mm available in this series. Do not think that we have forgotten disc brakes, we have disc ready hubs laced to our Fast and Light rims. They are available in 40mm or 50mm and also a 40mm front and 50mm rear wheelset for maximum weight/aero advantage.

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