Why Choose Carbon Rim

 Alloy rim or carbon rim?

Every keen cyclist has a choice to make when it comes to rims: Alloy or carbon? Each material has its pros and cons. Alloy rims can be very light – but carbon rims are equally as light, and much more versatile. Carbon gives a good combination of comfort and rigidity. To say nothing of superior aerodynamic qualities.
At the ICAN factory, raw carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin is laid in a rim mold, then heated in an oven. As it cools down, it becomes a solid structure with amazing properties – first used by the aerospace industry. These include stiffness, strength, light weight and high yield strength.

The first bike wheels came in the nineties, and after some twenty years development, carbon is king in the bike world. Carbon rims are ideal for disc brakes – and can even handle heated mountain descents on rim brakes – using special pads.
And aero is an important factor in competition wheels. If you're out to win at all costs – you need carbon rims that cut through the air. Especially deep carbon rims which have a winning tapered cross section. This form of rim keeps spoke nipples concealed and out of the airflow. There's only one drawback to very deep carbon aero rims – a gusting cross wind.

Wholesale carbon rim from ICAN 

All bike rims are made of high-performance carbon fiber material.
You can wholesale carbon bike rim directly from rim manufacturer,ICAN Cycling.
There are many types of carbon rim are available for wholesale, including road bike rim, mountain bike rim and fat bike rim.Different depths and widths of carbon rim you can choose.You can wholesale the carbon rim with factory price.

ICAN supplies carbon rims for various tires, with widths to suit: 23mm; 25mm; 27mm. And then depths range from 40mm – right up to the imposing Aero 86.

And they can be laid up in such a way that the cross section of rim and tire has a drag-cheating tear drop profile. This is a must for races against time trials the clock. Granted – it's the racer's hunched body which creates the most drag. But a well-profiled pair of carbon rims will give any rider an advantage over an adversary using box-section alloy rims. Especially as the seconds saved add up into minutes in a long race.

Shallow carbon rims can be very light, but they come into their own in a road stage with a very steep uphill finish, where every gram counts. And talking of uphill riding, MTBs need carbon – simply for strength and comfort. Carbon has the versatility to take on any rim profile the designer dreams up. Carbon is the best choice for any bike – from a pursuit machine on a board track to a fat bike beach cruiser.

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