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    UK Warehouse

    Many customers in European countries are always worried about the taxes and customs when buying products shipped from China, now you don’t need to worry about that, taxes and customs of the products in UK warehouse have been prepaid, you can buy them from UK warehouse without the worries behind. Also, the price of the products in UK warehouse showed on the website is the total, once you place the order and complete the payment, we will arrange the shipment; goods will be shipped within 2-4 days during normal sales season, and they will be shipped by UPS, DPD, DHL and etc. If it is during the selling season, please understand that it may be a little bit overdue.
    We recommend you buy directly the products from our UK warehouse, which will save time and be more convenient for you all. Anyway, buy products from UK warehouse; you can enjoy the service of more prompt shipment, free shipping cost and prepaid taxes.