Your Feedback is Cashback

We appreciate your trust and love for us, and also we believe you have some words to say about our bikes,frame and wheels. a Youtube video,an article or even a picture post. Now we have a plan for you: You can get cashback if you leave your feedback (posts, blogs, videos).

Rules to enter:

  • Leave your feedback on some bike forums, 50$, content:  500+words; product pictures; a link to the ICAN Cycling website products.

  • Leave your feedback on Youtube.  100$, Video content for example: Unboxing;  Riding experience intoduction; outdoor riding with ICAN products;

  • You must already have the ICAN products.

Notice:  We don't force positive reviews, any cons of our product are just make us get more progress; You can only choose one reward from the above options;

Product Range:  

Completed Bike and frame: A9,A8,A2,AC388,x-gravel,Gra02,P9,P1,SN01,SN02,SN04

Wheels: FL Series,AERO Series,DT Series,Nova Series,Fat Bike Wheels(65C,90C)

Start and Ending time: Start: 2020-9-24  End: 2020-11-24

Cooperation is a win-win way for us because our products are traffic itself. Maybe you can also gain eyes and traffic from our cooperation. Please reply to us if you have any other questions!

You can send us your feedback work via  ;

or directly DM us from Facebook & Instagram

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact with us!