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ICAN Cycling Scholarship Program

Overview Of ICAN Cycling Scholarship Program 2021

  • Scholarship Name:  ICAN Cycling Scholarship 2021
  • Scholarship Type: Annual 
  • Total Scholarship Amount: $1000
  • Deadline: December 10, 2021
  • Eligibility Requirements: students who have registered in an accredited university or college are encouraged to apply.
  • Application Process: Students are to write an English essay that is useful for bicycle users in 800-1000 words. Content details are outlined on our website ( Please look through the scholarship page for all of the participation rules, and terms and conditions.
  • Content Submission: Create your content and submit to this email address ( with the subject "ICAN Cycling Scholarship 2021".
  • What info you should send : Your full name; email address; A transcript of yours; Area of study and anticipated date of graduation; name and mailing address of the university or college accepted into or currently attending.
  • Any Application Fee: NO.  

ICAN Cycling is proud to offer worth $1000 scholarships each year to students.


About ICAN Cycling Scholarship

As we all know, the past 2020 was a difficult year. The outbreak of Covid-19 has traumatized us all. Some people lost their jobs and some lost their lives.

But we firmly believe that we will eventually win.

In order to help college students complete their lessons successfully and reward those who love cycling, we once again set up a scholarship program.

The ICAN Cycling Scholarship is a 10$-1000$ scholarship awarded annually to eligible students. We hope that it can make a meaningful difference to the young who love cycling through this scholarship.

So, if you’re a student of any college or student who can talk in English, then this scholarship is for you!

ICAN Cycling is a bicycle-related website, so we want you to create your contents just on bicycles.

Program Purpose 

Advocate sports, Improve Immunity, Let You Love Cycling More


How to apply?

Contact us by email

Confirm your student status

Submit an article on the topic of bike cycling. And you will be eligible for scholarship admission.

Attention:The scholarship will be awarded annually on 25 December and the recipient will be notified via email. Applications will be closed 10 December.

The most important points is the content you create must be original.

What article we recieve 

We will recieve any content about bicycles niche you send.

How to create your content

The content you create must be original. You can create your content based on the following themes

▶Biking experience

▶Cycling travels experiences

▶Some of your own tips about cycling

▶What cycling brings to you


▶Interview of famous bicyclists

▶Racing experience

We will share received essays on our blog: The winner will be chosen based on the story that is well written, thought-filled and genuine.

Not only the winner, if you are able to create world-class content and interested in working more with us, you will also be selected for our regular pull of writers.

Who can apply our scholarship program 

Any college and university students from all over the world.

Scholarship Entry Requirements

Please submit one 800-3000 word essay of bicycles.

You have to send your original content but cannot demand content of someone else as yours, we do reject the copies! 

Please email your essay with the following information to

-Full name

-Email address

-A transcript of your SAT/ACT/ATAR and GPA results

-Area of study and anticipated date of graduation

-Name and mailing address of the university or college accepted into or currently attending

Scholarship Amount

10$- $1000 to an eligible candidate (determined according to the number of words of article, 25$-60$/1000 words)

Entries will be decided by ICANCYCLING, LLC. Judges will assess the essay on originality, creativity, and thoroughness. The use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will have bearing on the judging.

Additional Information

All content and creative work submitted for the purposes of this scholarship will become the property of ICANCYCLING, LLC and may be reposted or displayed online or any other media channels including television or print without notification. Any email communications sent to ICANCYCLING, LLC or any of its agents or representatives will be retained.

By submitting an application for this scholarship, the applicant grants ICANCYCLING, LLC and any of its agents or representatives permission to post the applicants name, photo, essay entry on our website ( and any other marketing or communications including but not limited to print, online, television, social media, and related websites.

If you have any questions, please email us at