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Carbon Road Wheels

ICAN AERO 35 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru Available AERO 35 Disc
AERO 35 Disc
Starting at $ 655.00 USD
ICAN AERO 40 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru AvailableAERO 40 Disc
AERO 40 Disc
Starting at $ 655.00 USD
AERO 46 Disc46mm deep rim geometry
AERO 46 Disc
Starting at $ 665.00 USD
AERO 50 DiscAERO 50 Disc
AERO 50 Disc
Starting at $ 670.00 USD
ICAN AERO 55 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru AvailableAERO 55 Disc
AERO 55 Disc
Starting at $ 685.00 USD
Alpha 35 Disc ProAlpha 35 Disc Pro
Alpha 35 Disc Pro
Starting at $ 475.00 USD
Alpha 40 Disc ProAlpha 40 Disc Pro
Alpha 40 Disc Pro
Starting at $ 475.00 USD
Alpha 46 Disc ProAlpha 46 Disc Pro
Alpha 46 Disc Pro
Starting at $ 480.00 USD
Alpha 50 Disc ProICAN 50mm clincher tubeless ready 25mm wide road bike rims geometry
Alpha 50 Disc Pro
Starting at $ 485.00 USD
Alpha 55 Disc ProAlpha 55 Disc Pro
Alpha 55 Disc Pro
Starting at $ 495.00 USD
Carbon Spoke WheelsetCarbon Spoke Wheelset
AERO 40ICAN Wheels & Wheelsets Default Title AERO 40
Starting at $ 599.00 USD
Starting at $ 599.00 USD
AERO 50ICAN Wheels & Wheelsets Default Title AERO 50
Starting at $ 599.00 USD
AERO 55ICAN Wheels & Wheelsets Default Title AERO 55
Starting at $ 599.00 USD
AERO 86SICAN Wheels & Wheelsets Default Title AERO 86
$ 695.00 USD $ 725.00 USD

Is The Carbon Road Wheels Good Choice?

Nowhere in cycling is the idea that light wheels are best more prevalent than road cycling. The reason for this is simple; lighter wheels are faster wheels. That is why we make wheels featuring high-tech carbon fiber rims for a price that you will only find heavy aluminum wheels for in your local bike shop.

We have wheelsets available from 38mm to 86mm rim depths. This means you can have an aero hill-climbing wheelset or a set that will not look out of place on a time trial or triathlon bike. Our most popular wheelset though features a 38mm front rim and 50mm rear rim. This wheelset gives you an aero advantage for group riding and a lower front wheel weight for when the road starts to point upwards and lessens the risk of your front wheel being caught by an unexpected crosswind.

Carbon Road Bike Wheels is ICAN Cycling‘s core product, which is very popular among customers now.
After more than ten years of experience accumulation, our road bike wheelsets have become one of the most competitive products in the European and American markets.
Among all ICAN Cycling product lines, Carbon road wheels has become one of our best-selling products.

Why choose ICAN‘s carbon wheels for your road bicycle.

The benefits you will get when you choose our carbon fiber road bike wheelsets.

  • Better components for the wheelset

We have equipped different combinations for different series of road wheels. All accessories are from trusted manufacturers, quality is guaranteed.

Our road bike wheelsets have a combination of different high-end parts. Whether it is hubs, spokes, nipples, or freehubs, we all use parts made by famous manufacturers to avoid low-quality products. You can see the DT Swiss hub wheelsets too.

  • More flexible option

Not only can you pick the hub of your choice but we also offer spoke options. You can have aero spokes to help maximize the aero offering of our high-tech carbon rims, or you can go lightweight with Sapin CX-Ray spokes, think titanium but stiffer.

We can even supply a rim based on tire preference. Our rims can be bought in a tubular variety if you like gluing your tires on and our clincher rims come tubeless ready. So no matter how you want to tackle those Strava times we have a wheelset that will suit your needs and requirements.

  • Complete hand-built by experienced engineers

We personally assemble each wheelset,and control the quality of wheelsets.We resolutely reject unqualified products.Our road bike wheelsets are fully assembled manually by experienced engineers to make the wheels suitable for different customers. Because different customers may have different assembly requirements, such as the required spoke tension, etc.

What about your carbon road wheels

Check the unbox video review below to know the first impression of ICAN's wheels

What Series Road Bike Wheels Do You Sell
Currently, we have developed many series of carbon road wheels.The wheels covers a variety of rider needs. If you have a limited budget, please read the article to help you choose: How to choose ICAN wheels according to your budget?If you are finding the carbon road wheels in the market,please read the wheels option guide to help you choose carbon road wheels rightly.