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Carbon MTB Wheels

45mm Enduro MTB Wheels F945E45mm Enduro MTB Wheels F945E
45mm Enduro MTB Wheels F945E
Starting at $ 540.00 USD
35mm Enduro MTB Wheels F935E35mm Enduro MTB Wheels F935E
35mm Enduro MTB Wheels F935E
Starting at $ 540.00 USD
30mm Enduro MTB Wheels F930E30mm Enduro MTB Wheels F930E
30mm Enduro MTB Wheels F930E
Starting at $ 540.00 USD
27.5er Trail MTB Wheels F73027.5er Trail MTB Wheels F730
27.5er Trail MTB Wheels F730
Starting at $ 540.00 USD
29er 22mm Width XC MTB Wheels F92229er 22mm Width XC MTB Wheels F922
29er 22mm Width XC MTB Wheels F922
Starting at $ 540.00 USD
29er 45mm Width Trail Wheels F94529er 45mm Width Trail Wheels F945
29er 45mm Width Trail Wheels F945
Starting at $ 540.00 USD

Carbon MTB wheels outperform aluminum MTB wheels, and that's why they are costlier than aluminum or alloy material wheelsets. Carbon fiber material offers better strength and extensibility. Carbon MTB wheels are expected to become the mainstream wheelset in the future.

If you want to make uphill cycling on mountain bikes more enjoyable, getting a new set of carbon wheels is the best and easiest way to do so.

Lightweight wheels often lose their stiffness as too much material has been shaved away to make them light. However, that's not the case with carbon wheels. Carbon fiber technology has revolutionized the bike industry, creating stiff and light wheels. A lack of side-to-side movement is necessary to climb efficiently uphill, and any sideways movement will waste your effort. Nevertheless, our carbon wheels still have some vertical deflection to absorb bumps in the trail. This is the fabled carbon ride feel that you have heard about.

If you haven't tried carbon MTB wheels yet, now is the time to upgrade your bike wheels. You'll experience unprecedented comfort and lightness on your rides.

ICAN offers a variety of high-quality carbon MTB wheels, including XC, Trail, and Enduro mountain wheels. These wheels feature advanced Sapim Basic Leader Round Spokes, high-quality carbon rim material, and Novatec Hubs.

How To Choose

To make it easier for you to pick a wheel to suit your needs, we have split our wheels into:

  • MTB enduro wheels
  • MTB trail wheels
  • MTB XC wheels.

The main differences between enduro, trail, and XC wheels lie in the number of spokes and the rim's weight. The same brands of components are used in all carbon wheels. Customers can choose according to their riding scene. Enduro wheels have wider rims and higher spoke counts, making them slightly heavier but stronger than XC wheels. Choose the style that suits your riding, and then select a size, either 27.5er or 29er.

You can refer to the guide for selecting appropriate carbon MTB wheels.

High-quality MTB wheelsets are essential for an optimal riding experience. The quality of MTB wheels largely depends on the components used in the wheelset, such as the hub, freehub, spokes, nipple, rim, etc. For instance, high-end wheel accessories can guarantee the quality of MTB Wheels.

Regarding Novatec hubs, our customers have ridden thousands of miles on them and have experienced no issues. Thus, Novatec hubs are of very nice quality. We hope this information is helpful to you.

To cater to your needs, we offer MTB wheels with various widths, such as 30mm, 35mm, and 45mm rims. Moreover, we provide wheels designed for different riding scenarios, such as enduro, trail, and XC mountain wheels.