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AERO Disc Wheels

ICAN AERO 35 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru Available AERO 35 Disc
AERO 35 Disc
Starting at $ 655.00 USD
ICAN AERO 40 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru AvailableAERO 40 Disc
AERO 40 Disc
Starting at $ 655.00 USD
AERO 50 DiscAERO 50 Disc
AERO 50 Disc
Starting at $ 670.00 USD
ICAN AERO 55 Road Disc Wheels Clincher Tubeless Ready Novatec D411412SB Disc Hubs QR and Thru AvailableAERO 55 Disc
AERO 55 Disc
Starting at $ 685.00 USD
AERO 38 WD DiscAERO 38 WD Disc
AERO 38 WD Disc
Starting at $ 655.00 USD
AERO 52 WD DiscAERO 52 WD Disc
AERO 52 WD Disc
Starting at $ 670.00 USD

AERO Disc Wheels

ICAN Aero Disc series are the most cost-effective, high-performance wheels from ICAN. Drawing upon the success of their previous Fast and Light series, the Aero wheels utilize an advanced carbon fiber layup and aerodynamic design to deliver unmatched performance.

Rim Construction
The rims employ a blend of top-grade Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibers. This mixing results in an impressively lightweight yet durable rim construction weighing 100g less than the Fast and Light wheels.

Aerodynamic Design
With a 25mm outer width and 18.35mm inner width, the rims are engineered for minimum aerodynamic drag. Their tubeless compatibility from 25-40mm also supports the fastest tires.

Hub Performance
Lightweight and efficient ICAN D01 disc brake hubs ensure smooth power transfer under acceleration.

Spoke Technology
Industry-leading Sapim CX-Ray spokes combine strength, durability, and aerodynamics for an incredibly responsive feel. Secure Lock nipples and add further reinforcement.

Benefits of carbon wheels

Carbon is the lightest material used in bicycle wheels, which means that you get a wheel that is lightweight and incredibly efficient. That translates into reduced effort when riding, giving cyclists a competitive edge as they are able to reach higher speeds quickly.

One of the biggest pluses is weight savings. Carbon wheels are extremely lightweight without sacrificing strength. Top-tier wheelsets often save 500g or more over aluminum counterparts. Less unsprung rotational mass means quicker acceleration and longer sprint distances. Lighter wheels also make climbing hills and mountains feel effortless.

Aerodynamics and Speed
Carbon allows for the creation of deeper rim profiles with tapering spindle shapes. These aero wheel designs slice through the wind more efficiently to gain free speed. On flat or descending sections, you'll feel an noticeable increase in speed from reduced frontal area. Combined with lighter weight, carbon wheels let you carry more speed through corners, too.

Stiffness and Power Transfer
The material properties provide just the right balance of stiffness for maximum power application and lateral control while cornering. You can mash the pedals or sprint from turns with confidence no power is lost to flex.

Braking Performance
Advanced epoxy resins disperse heat faster than aluminum rims, which can overheat in extreme braking conditions. Carbon maintains braking power in all weather and on long descents for assured confidence.

Compliance and Comfort
Though laterally stiff, carbon has vertical compliance for fatigue-free long-distance rides. Road imperfections are softly absorbed rather than jarring your spine, keeping you fresh all day in the saddle.