Cyclocross as a cycling sport is hard on bikes. The mud, rain, snow, and the jet wash at the end of races, they all take a toll on bikes. Over the years you may have upgraded your bike’s components, and now you need a new frame. You may just be starting out and trying to build a great bike as cheaply as you can. You may even have been riding for years and have decided to make your dream bike. For all these requirements we have a cyclocross frame for you.

All of our cyclocross frames use internal cable routing. We use internal cable routing as during the harsh conditions of winter this is the best way to keep your shifting and braking crisp. Our routing is neat and simple to set up.

Cantilever brakes (cantis) have been the go-to brake for cyclocross for decades, and many people would still prefer to run them than disc brakes. You might have an old cyclocross frame that came with cantis and your components are new, and you do not want to go down the disc brake route yet. Well, for these requirements we have the AC108 featuring the latest of technology such as BB86 and a Toray T700 carbon fibre frame construction.

All of our other frames use disc brake mounts. If you want to use the newest flat mount disc brakes on your cyclocross bike, try our AC388 frameset. If you would like to fit mudguards and a rack - to be able to go adventuring or commuting as well as racing -have a look at our AC059. If you fancy a fast race bike utilising a BB86 bottom bracket, then look at the AC109 cyclocross frameset.

$ 750.00 USD
    Specification Type  New Gravel frame disc   Frame X-Gravel  (Flat mount) Seatpost (SP01)  400 x 27.2mm Material  Toray T700 carbon...
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    $ 750.00 USD

    $ 620.00 USD
    $ 650.00 USD

    $ 600.00 USD