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Carbon Folding Bike

carbon folding bike 1Carbon Folding Bike Lizard 2
Folding Bike Lizard
$ 999.00 USD $ 1,490.00 USD
The New easy way to travel: Folding bike

Folding bicycles are a versatile and often overlooked bicycle option. Whether your commute requires a train ride, a few steps, and an elevator, or your room has only limited space. Folding bicycles are good tools to solve riding problems.

Why carbon folding bike

The carbon folding bike is an upgrade from the traditional folding bike, which benefits from the development of bike materials.The biggest advantage of carbon folding bike is light and stiff.

ICAN Cycling's carbon folding bike is really exciting, which has very lightweight, and the riding process is easy to fold.
If you are looking for an advanced folding bike that suits you, the Folding Bike Lizard will be your best choice in 2021.

    You may be worried about its quality and budget, please take a relaxed breath, there is no doubt that the price of the Folding Bike Lizard is the most competitive in the same carbon folding bike configuration.

    This aerodynamic carbon folding bike represents a huge step forward in performance for the folding bike market, with professional running gear. It's a steal at a mere $1190 and weighs only 10 kgms. No other folding bike can compete with it on price, performance or beauty.  Folding Bike Lizard is considered the best folding bicycle under the $1000 .

    Learn more about the carbon folding bike


    • superlight
    • easy to fold
    • comfortable
    • easy to carry

    It is better for:

    • City cycling
    • Short-distance riding
    • Leisure cycling for woman

    What is the lightest folding bike?
    Currently in the folding bike market, the lightest folding bikes weigh less than 11kg.
    Such as ICAN folding bike Lizard, SAVA Z1, Tern Verge X11.
    If Lizard’s alloy handles are upgraded to carbon handles and the wheels are upgraded to carbon wheels, the folding bike Lizard will be the lightest.

    Are all parts of your folding bike carbon fiber?
    The folding bike is equipped with a carbon frame and carbon handlebar. Among them are aluminum parts.We support upgrading aluminum wheels to carbon wheels.

    Why is your folding bike than some brand folding bike expensive?
    Compared with carbon folding bikes of the same configuration on the market, our price is affordable!But it is more expensive than aluminum folding bike