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The handlebar is a crucial component of your road bike as it controls your steering and how your bike handles. Additionally, the handlebar is vital in determining your frontal area and serves as a leading edge in aerodynamics.

Carbon handlebars are becoming increasingly popular on high-end road bikes. This is due to several reasons. First, carbon can be molded into any shape that a manufacturer desires, making it more versatile. Additionally, carbon can shave off some weight, which is always a plus for road bike enthusiasts. Furthermore, carbon naturally dampens vibrations, making it a more comfortable choice for riders. Lastly, they look pretty cool too!

The main difference between road and gravel bike handlebars is the flare of the drops. Standard road bike handlebars are designed to optimize speed and efficiency. In contrast, wider handlebars with outward flaring drops offer better control over the bike.

Gravel handlebars can provide extra comfort to most cyclists, regardless of the type of bike they use. Even if you have a road bike, it's worth considering a gravel handlebar design for added comfort. Don't feel bound by labels or rules.

    Is it ok to bulk order your carbon handlebar?
    You can wholesale carbon handlebars here, too.