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    Frame: Carbon Gravel Frame /Flat Mount 140mm/12*142mm Size and Weight:  Frame painting Weight:  49cm-1190+-15g,  52cm-1210+-15g,  54cm-1230+-15g,  56cm-1240+-15g,  58cm-1270+-15g     UD Matt Weight:  1071+-15g, 1091+-15g, 1111+-15g, 1121+-15g, 1151+-15g Fork: Cables/Flat Mount 160mm/12*100mm,  fork weight: 395g Groupsets:FORCE1  Drivetrain: FORCE1 Rear Derailleur: RD Force1 Medium Cagecassette Chain: CN PC1170 114LI W/ PWR.LCK 11S 50PCS Crankset: FC FORCE1 24MM 1725 XSYNC 46   BB PFGXP ROAD 86.5/WA91.5 Brakes: ESB HRD FRC ICJ REAR/RIGHT F0 1800/ DB HRD FRC CX1 ICJ FRONT/LEFT F0 800...
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    You are looking for a new bike but you don’t really know what to choose. There are plenty of options: a road bike for some hardcore climbing and getting that maximum speed. Or you’re thinking about a mountain bike for those rooty descents and technical climbs in your local woods.
    What if I said there exists a bike that can give you the best of both worlds? The gravel bike.

    Ride on the gravel road —The new popular cycling trend
    Gravel bikes can be classified as the intersection of road bikes and mountain bikes-to some extent, gravel bikes have the advantages of two models, the speed of the road bike, and the sturdiness of mountain bikes. It is light, fast and efficient on a compact surface, but still strong and stable enough to handle medium off-road terrain.

    Versatility is a key factor in the popularity of gravel bikes! Its geometry and riding posture are not as radical and efficient as possible, but are more concerned with long-distance comfort and stability.The gravel bike has become the best choice for many cyclists.

    Best Affordable Carbon Gravel Bike, New Trend
    Now Gravel Bike is very popular among cycling enthusiasts. The Gravel Bike is in short supply in the market now. You may also be looking for the right Gravel Bike to start your cycling journey. If so, ICAN carbon Gravel Bike will be your good choice at an affordable price.
    It takes us to a point where you might be thinking about a new gravel bike. We have decided to recommend to you our carbon gravel bikes.

    We use advanced bike groupsets to assemble our gravel bike, which will bring you the ultimate riding experience.

    The use scenes of carbon gravel bike

    Gravel bikes are suitable for a variety of scenes, roads, mountains, muddy paths, etc.,

    Earlier, we talked about mounts, and the X-Gravel has them. You'll find three sets of cage mounts on the frame. There are rear pannier mounts, just in case you don't want to use bikepacking bags: Toptube bag mounts and three-pack mounts on the forks. Fork mounts are excellent and make carrying a lot of stuff so much easier.

    The X-Gravel features 12 mm thru-axles and flat mount disc brake mounts. You're getting an up to date package that will allow you to have great braking. Excellent braking is one thing you'll be grateful for when you're descending an Alpine pass fully loaded.

    The best thing for your mental health, though, is that the X-Gravel comes with a threaded BSA bottom bracket. You'll now not be bothered by a creaking bottom bracket. One of the worst things that can happen on a trip is a creaky bottom bracket. It can destroy the trip by slowly breaking down your mood, making it difficult to get on the bike in the morning. Say yes to quiet bottom brackets.

    Good affordable price carbon gravel bike 

    Are you ever looked at Salsa gravel bikes and wished that you could afford their Warbird? That is the inspiration for the X-Gravel Bike. The X-Gravel comes in at the same price as a Salsa Warbird frame. The  X-Gravel bike frame comes in at the same cost as Salsa's aluminum offerings.

    Which means if you buy an ICAN X-Gravel, you'll still have enough money left to buy all the bike packing peripherals that you'll need. You'll need a lot, and with a gravel bike not taking all of your budget you'll be able to get all the things that will help you out on the road.

    Do you recommend used gravel bikes?

    Should you buy a new or used gravel bicycle ? This is a decision you must make yourself. Experience has shown that after the first 1,500 kilometers, the bicycle needs some maintenance, such as changing the chain or tires, but the frame has less impact, and a good gravel frame can even be used for decades. So when your budget is limited, you can definitely find cheaper gravel bike on the second-hand market