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Carbon MTB Bike

MTB refers to Mountain Bike, the name of the bike type.According to the original definition, it refers to a bicycle that can climb mountains and walk off-road roads (of course, this is not completely the case now), whether it is XC, DH, FR, BSX, DJ, Street and so on are all types of MTB activities.

Designed for riding off-road and over rugged terrain, mountain bikes have strong, durable frames and wheels, strong brakes, low gears for hill climbing, and upright handlebars. Mountain bikes have either a front or a full--sometimes called dual-suspension built for absorbing trail shock.

The following is the classification defined by Shimano company for mountain bikes.

XC Racing Bikes

Generally known as Cross Country, and this type of "Racing" is designed for climbing from the bottom up. Lightweight and high efficiency are the main purposes. This type of car will sacrifice comfort and handling because it is based on racing. The big question.

Trail Bikes

It is generally called all mountain bike.This type of car is designed to take into account the handling and comfort when climbing hills, as well as a certain speed when going downhill, with shock absorbers, thicker tires and low gear ratios. So this type of mountain bike will be less efficient than those specifically designed for racing, but it will be more fun when going downhill. And for some steep or uneven terrain, it will be more suitable than XC Racing cars.

All-Mountain Bikes

For some riders, they want longer suspension travel, as well as downhill handling and better reliability. All-Mountain Bikes have these advantages.
Thicker tires, better shock absorbers, and stronger braking force brakes are all to avoid unnecessary accidents during riding so that you can enjoy the happiness of riding. Some rugged terrain or small gap jumps will be very suitable for this model, but relatively flat sections will become boring.

Freeride Bikes

Freeride Bikes are designed for those more extreme road sections, very rugged mountain roads, large rocks or tree roots, jumps or drops with a very large drop.
In order to cope with the above road conditions, he does not pay attention to the climbing section at all. He is a bit between the bicycle and the motorcycle. 8'rear shock, 3'tires, or 8'diameter brake discs are commonly used by Freeride Bikes Configuration.

Downhill MTB

As the name suggests, the Downhill car is mainly designed for downhill. In order to stabilize the front, the material used will be stronger and heavier. The front and rear shock absorbers will have a travel range of 6-8 inches because they need to cope with higher and farther distances. Jump and fall

How to choose a suitable suspension MTB Bike

Front Suspension If you're a beginner or a casual mountain biker, a front suspension mountain bike is a good choice. You can ride it on dirt roads and easy trails, but also on bike paths and paved trails. You'll benefit from the comfort and smooth ride of the front suspension but your bike won't be too bulky or aggressive for casual riding.

Full Suspension If you're a serious rider who likes to climb steep hills and rocky trails and take multiday mountain bike expeditions through the backcountry, a full-suspension mountain bike is for you. You'll benefit from the sturdiness and reliability of a full-suspension system as you come flying down rocky singletrack. 

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