Designed for riding off-road and over rugged terrain, mountain bikes have strong, durable frames and wheels, strong brakes, low gears for hill climbing, and upright handlebars. Mountain bikes have either a front or a full--sometimes called dual--suspension built for absorbing trail shock.

Front Suspension If you're a beginner or a casual mountain biker, a front suspension mountain bike is a good choice. You can ride it on dirt roads and easy trails, but also on bike paths and paved trails. You'll benefit from the comfort and smooth ride of the front suspension but your bike won't be too bulky or aggressive for casual riding.

Full Suspension If you're a serious rider who likes to climb steep hills and rocky trails and take multiday mountain bike expeditions through the backcountry, a full-suspension mountain bike is for you. You'll benefit from the sturdiness and reliability of a full-suspension system as you come flying down rocky singletrack.

$ 3,299.00 USD$ 2,869.00 USD
    Specification  Frame & Fork ICAN Carbon 29+ frame-Rear Spacing 148mm,use 12mm thru axle(148x12) Carbon  fork-110x15mm(thru axle) ICAN Headset H373 29+ 50mm Wheelset  Front...
    Specification Fork: Rockshox Yari RC 27.5 plus, Travel 160mm, Black, 15*100mm axle Frame: Model: P1 Frame Type: Trail Bike Material:...
    The new ICAN 29er Enduro bike is a monster. Trails will instantly smooth out as you roll towards them,...
    $ 3,299.00 USD $ 2,869.00 USD
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