Tarmac road or a muddy track, the DT Aero 35 is sure to perform on any surface. Recommended...
Looking for a multi-purpose wheelset? Try the DT Aero 40. Fast on muddy tracks, faithful on the tarmac,...
Aerodynamic, Ultra-light, Hardy; so much can be said about ICAN’s DT Aero 45 Disc Wheelset. Recommended for cyclocross...
Specification Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset Rims  Superlight AERO 46  (Asymmetric) Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800 Size...
How do you make a perfect wheelset better? You make it lighter. The DT Aero 50 is an...
Are you looking for an ultra-light alternative to your Cyclocross or gravel bike? The DT Aero 55 Disc...
$ 860.00 USD
$ 860.00 USD
$ 860.00 USD
$ 860.00 USD
$ 870.00 USD
$ 890.00 USD

DT Hub Disc Wheels

DT Hub has always had an excellent reputation in the bike industry, which is the reason why we adopt DT hub to assemble the wheels. ICAN DT Hub Disc Wheel is one of the high-end products in all wheels of ICAN Cycling.

ICAN DT Hub Disc Wheel mainly uses DT Swiss's DT350 and DT240 hub.
For more information about DT Swiss's Hub

This series of products are positioned as the high-end wheels of ICAN Cycling, which is more expensive than other series of wheels.
Advantages of using DT Swiss Hub
1.Direct power transmission in every riding situation-240 Ratchet EXP.
2. Perfectly compatible with other components of the wheel
3. High Quality,
4. The latest Ratchet EXP ratchet system to make the ride fast
What type of freehub does ICAN DT Hub Disc Wheel use?
ICAN DT Hub Disc Wheel uniformly uses Shimano 10/11speeds freehub.

The difference between DT Hub Disc Wheel and DT hub rim brake Wheels
The main difference between the two is the type of brake. They both use Sapim CX-Ray Spokes and Shimano 10/11speeds freehub.
How to choose the two types of DT Hub Wheels?
This depends on the customer’s preferences and the bike frame you buy.