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Gravel Wheels US

700C G24 US700C G24 US
700C G24 US
Starting at $ 750.00 USD
700C G25 US700C G25 US
700C G25 US
Starting at $ 750.00 USD
700C G22 Lightest US700C G22 Lightest US
700C G22 Lightest US
Starting at $ 750.00 USD

1. Why Choose ICAN Cycling?

At ICAN Cycling, we have over 12 years of specialized experience in carbon bike 

wheels and frames, ensuring that we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise 

to our products. 

Our team is deeply passionate about cycling, and we are committed to providing 

the highest quality products to enhance your riding experience.

Uncompromised Quality

We take pride in our stringent quality control processes, ensuring that every product 

that leaves our facility meets our high standards. 

Our wheels and frames are crafted using the latest technology and innovative design, 

resulting in products that are not only lightweight and durable but also deliver 

exceptional performance.

Competitive Pricing

By managing the entire production process, from design to manufacturing, and selling 

directly to you, we eliminate the need for middlemen. 

This approach allows us to offer our high-quality products at competitive prices, 

ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

2. Why Our Prices Are Unbeatably Competitive

As a manufacturer of carbon wheels and frames, ICAN Cycling operates on 

a direct-to-consumer model, cutting out any middlemen. 

This ensures that you, the customer, benefit from significant cost savings.

No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparency and honesty in our pricing. The prices you see are what 

you pay, with no additional fees for bike shops or promotional media. 

This straightforward approach allows us to maintain affordability without compromising on quality.

3. Why buy from our USA warehouse

Wide coverage

We have set up warehouses in CA, KY, and TX USA.So ICAN Cycling's products can be 

delivered to almost all local cities in the United States,whcih means that you don’t need to prepare 

too much time for your beloved ride. 

We ship out the wheels and frame by UPS, FedEx or the customer can get the 

item with 3-5 days.

Tips: We do not support self-pickup service, even if you are close to the warehouse location.

Free shipping and taxes prepaid.

All the wheels and frames in the US warehouse collection are free shipping. 

And the price including the taxes, buyers do not need to pay taxes.

Pls note that, because the price including the taxes and shipping cost in US warehouse collection, 

so you can see the price will high than the same products from China warehouse. 

Because the product details page just shows the product price, not including the shipping cost, 

you can see the final price on the checkout page.

Lower cost price without any extra cost

In the past, we could only ship from warehouses in China, which caused the cost of the

product to be too high, and the customer had to pay tax and shipping fees by himself too.

Considering the freight, the final price paid by the customer often exceeded expectations.

Now you don’t have to worry about this problem. Now we send bulk of goods to the do

mestic warehouse in the United States, which reduces the final price. You will don't pay

complicated tax and shipping fees

4. ICAN Gravel Series Wheels designed specifically for gravel bikes.

These high-performance wheels are engineered to handle any terrain you encounter on

your adventures, from smooth gravel roads to rough and rocky trails.

The TrailBlaze Series features a lightweight and durable carbon fiber construction,

paired with a wider rim profile for improved stability and traction.

These wheels offer maximum versatility and performance. Whether you're racing, touring,

or just exploring the great outdoors, the TrailBlaze Series gravel wheels will help you

blaze your own trail with confidence and speed.

ICAN Cycling can offers two sizes of carbon gravel wheels:

650b gravel wheels,700c gravel wheels.

Among the 700c gravel wheels supplied, you can choose different widths or different

depth rim wheels.The main difference between different series of 700c carbon gravel

wheels is Rim, spokes, hub.
650b carbon gravel wheels are the latest gravel products. Currently there are one only

model G25.Customers can choose suitable gravel wheels according to needs.

Choose ICAN Cycling for a seamless blend of quality, performance, and value. Elevate your ride today!