Specification Type  Carbon Fat bike wheelset Materials  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Size  26er Rim  Finish: UD Matt Drills:...
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ICAN Fat Bike Wheelset F685 Build with DT 350 Hub 2021 According to the official description of DT...
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$ 595.00 USD
    90mm width 3 spoke Fat Bike Wheel Model: 3S-FW90 Size: 26er Profile: Tubeless Width: 90mm Depth: 23mm Hubs: Front Hub: 150mm , Powerway Hub M74, 6 bolts Rear Hub : 197mm , Powerway Hub M74, 6 bolts Freehub:...
    $ 645.00 USD
    $ 695.00 USD
    $ 930.00 USD
    $ 595.00 USD
    $ 615.00 USD
    $ 595.00 USD
    Fat Bike Wheelset

    Best Carbon fat bike wheels are available at ICAN Cycling

    Carbon fat bike wheels are one of the core parts of our entire carbon product line. We have a variety of carbon fat bike wheels for customers to choose from.
    We provide customers with a good warranty service. During the course of use, if there is any problem with carbon fat bike wheels, we will provide assistance.

    26er/27.5er/29er Fat Bike Wheelset You Can Choose

    No matter what type of fat bike wheels you are looking for, you can find what you want here.We have 26er fat wheels,27.5er(650b) fat wheels, 29er fat bike wheelsets.etc

    There is nothing quite like the joy of running carbon wheels on your mountain bike. They make climbing more comfortable and faster, they deaden trail buzz, they make your bike feel a lot lighter, and they look cool as. Now imagine you could ditch your heavy fat bike wheels and get a set of lovely carbon fiber wheels for your fat bike?

    I bet you think you could never afford to do that, especially given how expensive even basic fat bike wheels are. Well we here at ICAN want to make your dreams come true so we make the best carbon fibre fat bike wheels at a price under 1000$ everyone can love.

    All our fat bike wheelsets come with a rim made from the excellent Toray T700 carbon fibre, painstakingly designed to give you the best stiffness to weight to price ratio you will find on any fat bike wheel in the world. It does not even matter if you run Shimano or SRAM we can have the correct freehub fitted to any of our wheelsets for you. No more needing to compromise on wheelset because of the freehub required.

    Across our range we fit the Powerway M74 hub, you need to pick the axle width and size to go with your bike. The Powerway M74 is a great fat bike hub that does not weigh the earth and with four sealed bearings is made to last. The hub comes in black, which goes with everything, or red, which looks bling.

    As well as having fat bike wheels available in rim widths of 90mm or 65mm, we also have two plus size options. 50mm wide rims in both 27.5” or 29”, allowing you to change your bike into a plus-sized trail masher for during the summer. Once trails are baked hard, going plus sized will give your bike a little more zip to make your day a lot more fun.

    How to choose the suitable fat bike wheels for you?

    Please read the buyer's guide for fat bike wheels