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Alpha Rim Wheelsets

Alpha 40/45/50/55mm rim wheels USAAlpha 40/45/50/55mm rim wheels USA
Alpha 40/45/50/55mm rim wheels USA
Starting at $ 545.00 USD
Alpha 40/50/55 Rim Wheels EUAlpha 40/50/55 Rim Wheels EU
Alpha 40/50/55 Rim Wheels EU
Starting at $ 565.00 USD
Alpha 40Alpha 40
Alpha 40
$ 445.00 USD $ 475.00 USD
Alpha 45Alpha 45
Alpha 45
$ 450.00 USD $ 480.00 USD
Alpha 50Alpha 50
Alpha 50
$ 455.00 USD $ 485.00 USD
Alpha 55Alpha 55
Alpha 55
$ 465.00 USD $ 495.00 USD
Alpha 86Alpha 86
Alpha 86
$ 510.00 USD $ 540.00 USD

Alpha rim brake wheelsets are the latest affordable road wheels launched by ICAN Cycling in 2021.

Compare with other brand carbon wheels under 500$, Alpha rim brake road wheels can be regarded as one of the best carbon road wheels.The biggest feature of Alpha series is equipped with high-performance hub but affordable price, which is very suitable for professional racing drivers' training wheels.

The design concept of the wheels

For a long time, we hope to release a popular Road Wheelsets, which can allow each racer can buy at an affordable price and enjoy the advanced riding experience.
Compared with other series of Road bike wheelsets, the Alpha series Wheelsets are more cost-effective. If you are an ordinary racer., the Alpha series Wheelsets are enough to make you feel grateful for the smooth riding.

Our new Alpha rim brake wheelsets might just be the best value carbon fiber aero road bike wheels available. In fact, you could say they should be your first choice when looking for new aero wheels before you check the rest of the alphabet.

ICAN Alpha Road wheels use a new carbon fiber layup T700. They take our previous Fast and Light series wheels as a basis and improve upon the design. To make sure that you get the most cutting-edge technology at a great price.

With our Alpha wheels, you get a wide tubeless-ready Aero rim. A design that has been proven to stop the boundary layer of air breaking up between the tire and the rim and then guides it out of the way with our blunt rim profile.
We have also added our new brake track design to these wheels. We are taking our previous brake track that was already industry-leading by being tolerant of temperatures up to 240° and now designing it to withstand temperatures of up to 300°.

We have laced our wheels using Pillar Spokes and  Novatec standard hub. Both of these brands are famous for their cost-effective quality. Much like ourselves, you don’t get any fancy marketing just reliable products.
All of this and we back our wheels with a two-year guarantee.

Wide Rim Tech
25mm rim wide creates a better, more stable support, while the shape of the tire and rim together creates regular, stable air flow, in short, more aerodynamics, less attrition. provides an ideal basis for 25/28mm tires, the sizes currently popular.

Tubeless Ready Rims
Use either traditional tires with tubes, or tubeless tires without tubes. Tubeless tires can provide lower rolling resistance and better protection from punctures.

Why the affordable wheels equip with pillar spokes
For over 30 years, Pillar has been a world leader in the development of spokes. With specialized production facilities in Taiwan closely linked to its own research and development facilities, Pillar is today the first choice for spokes and nipples from the most renowned manufacturers in the bicycle industry.

If you are looking for the best road bike wheels under 500$, the alpha series wheels will really be your good choice. For high-end carbon road bike wheels, under 500$. the price is really attractive.
The best carbon road bike wheels under 500$ review
This road bike wheels under 500$ is a brand new series of ICAN Cycling 2021 wheels, so there are currently fewer reviews, but the quality is guaranteed. We have a professional service team to help.