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USA Warehouse

AERO Series Disc Wheels USAERO Series Disc Wheels US
AERO Series Disc Wheels US
Starting at $ 755.00 USD
X-Gravel Bike Frame USX-Gravel Bike Frame US
X-Gravel Bike Frame US
$ 859.00 USD $ 919.00 USD
Nova Series Wheels USNova Series Wheels US
Nova Series Wheels US
Starting at $ 740.00 USD
Alpha Disc Pro Series Wheels USAlpha Disc Pro Series Wheels US
Alpha Disc Pro Series Wheels US
Starting at $ 580.00 USD
Fat Bike Frame with fork SN01 USFat Bike Frame with fork SN01 US
Fat Bike Frame with fork SN01 US
Starting at $ 740.00 USD
ican aero 50 special wheelsAEROS Series Wheels US
AEROS Series Wheels US
Starting at $ 740.00 USD
29er carbon hardtail boost frame M27 US29er carbon hardtail boost frame M27 US
gravel bike wheels650B Wheels G25 US
650B Wheels G25 US
$ 750.00 USD $ 770.00 USD Sold out
FL Series Wheels USFL Series Wheels US
FL Series Wheels US
Starting at $ 699.00 USD
Alpha Pro Series wheels USAlpha Pro Series wheels US
Alpha Pro Series wheels US
Starting at $ 550.00 USD
ICAN 35C Disc - ICAN WheelsICAN 35C Disc - ICAN Wheels
BD Disc Series US
Starting at $ 555.00 USD
XC F922 USXC F922 US
XC F922 US
$ 735.00 USD $ 900.00 USD

Why buy from our USA warehouse

1.Wide coverage
We have set up warehouses in CA, KY, and TX USA.So ICAN Cycling's products can be delivered to almost all local cities in the United States,whcih means that you don’t need to prepare too much time for your beloved ride. We ship out the wheels and frame by UPS, FedEx or the customer can get the item with 3-5 days.
Tips: We do not support self-pickup service, even if you are close to the warehouse location.
2 Free shipping and taxes prepaid.
All the wheels and frames in the US warehouse collection are free shipping. And the price including the taxes, buyers do not need to pay taxes.
Pls note that, because the price including the taxes and shipping cost in US warehouse collection, so you can see the price will high than the same products from China warehouse. Because the product details page just shows the product price, not including the shipping cost, you can see the final price on the checkout page.
3. Short handling time and warranty fast shipping
We can ship out the wheels and frames to customers within 2-7 days in a Chinese warehouse normally. due to convid-19, it may be a little longer. but if you buy the item from a US warehouse, then the handling time just 1-2 days. And ship out by UPS,FedEx or USPS shipping methods, these are very warranty shipping ways.if ship out from a Chinese warehouse, we can ship out by DHL (cost higher than US warehouse) and Chinese EMS. But now EMS will cost high than before. and it will take about 15-25 days(longer than before).
4. Lower cost price without any extra cost
In the past, we could only ship from warehouses in China, which caused the cost of the product to be too high, and the customer had to pay tax and shipping fees by himself too. Considering the freight, the final price paid by the customer often exceeded expectations.
Now you don’t have to worry about this problem. Now we send bulk of goods to the domestic warehouse in the United States, which reduces the final price. You will don't pay complicated tax and shipping fees

We recommend you buy directly the products from our US warehouse, which will save time and be more convenient for you all. Anyway, buy products from a US warehouse; you can enjoy the service of more prompt shipment, free shipping cost, and prepaid taxes.