Carbon fibre revolutionized the road cycling world. Road racing as a sport was dedicated to losing as much weight as possible, whilst keeping parts as stiff as possible, carbon fibre then was road racing’s Holy Grail.

After cycling off down the lightweight road, cycling discovered aerodynamics. Now we have two main options in high-end road bikes. Brands tend to offer at their high-end lightweight climbing bikes or fast aero bikes. ICAN offers both of these options but at a considerable price saving over their competition.

In the lightweight section, we start with the Rocket SL. A super lightweight carbon fibre frame and fork draped in an SRAM Force 22 groupset and finished with ICAN’s own carbon fibre 38mm deep wheels.

Going even lighter and with looks to kill for we have the Triaero A2. An 800g frame featuring the exceptional SRAM Red. The red touches of the SRAM Red vividly standing out against the black carbon fibre of the rest of the bike, including the ICAN FL-40 TR carbon wheels. A bike that will never need to be upgraded.

Our aero bike range starts with the Tauras. A high-end carbon fibre frame fitted with the ever-reliable Shimano 105 groupset and carbon fibre finishing kit, at a price that will make you double check your computer screen a few times.

We then jump up to the AERO007, which like James Bond looks suave and sophisticated. Coming with our 50mm carbon fibre wheels, featuring the special spoking pattern, this is an aero bike that will give you every advantage out on the road.

Type  carbon Racing frame Wheel Size 700C Material 100% carbon fiber Toray T700 Weave UD Matt Finish Clear...
No upgrades needed, the A8 TRIAERO aero speed demon flies directly out of the box onto the tarmac....
$ 2,119.00 USD
    The Aero007 conjures up images of the super suave British spy with the same credentials. This aero bike...
    $ 1,699.00 USD
      It is said there is no such thing as free speed but with our aero Taurus road bike...
      $ 2,650.00 USD
        Our A1 bike looks fast. It looks mean. It looks like it wants to tear the opposition to...
        $ 3,250.00 USD
          Gravity and wind; in cycling these elements could be your best friend or your worst enemy. A light...
          Want to lose weight? Our A2 road bike is the easy way to do it. You’ll buy it...
          If you want to go like a rocket up your local climbs; our Rocket SL bike could be...
          $ 2,599.00 USD
          $ 2,335.00 USD

          $ 2,110.00 USD $ 2,119.00 USD
          $ 1,499.00 USD $ 1,699.00 USD
          $ 2,650.00 USD
          $ 3,250.00 USD

          $ 2,619.00 USD
          $ 2,040.00 USD