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Carbon Road Bikes

Regardless of lifespan or performance, carbon road bikes are undoubtedly better than road bikes made of other materials. Riding a carbon road bike will surely make you reach a new level.

Carbon fiber road bikes revolutionized the road cycling world. Road racing was dedicated to losing as much weight as possible while keeping parts as stiff as possible. Carbon fiber road bike then was road racing’s Holy Grail.

After cycling off down the lightweight road, cycling discovered aerodynamics. Now, we have two main options for high-end road bikes. Brands tend to offer high-end lightweight climbing bikes or fast aero bikes. ICAN offers both options but at a considerable price saving over their competition.

The A22 is a high-performance road bike with a full carbon frame, versatile tire options, a red carbon rigid fork, and a carbon wheelset. With its lightweight construction and competitive pricing, the A22 offers exceptional value for riders seeking speed, agility, and affordability. Experience the perfect blend of performance and cost-effectiveness with the A22.

The A9 is a superlight racing bike designed for speed and performance. Its Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber construction offers exceptional stiffness and low weight, unmatched by many competitors.

With an aerodynamic profile and a carbon TRIAERO A9 frame, this bike cuts through the air effortlessly. Every aspect, from the AERO road frame to the tires, carbon cloth, and spokes, is optimized for aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance and maximizing efficiency.

The hidden cables, innovative thread seat posts, and reliable disc brakes showcase cutting-edge technology and attention to detail.