When people think of fat bike frames, they think about steel and beards. We at ICAN are trying to change you from steel to high-end carbon fibre; you can keep the beard if you want though. We have an excellent choice of 3 carbon fibre frames and one carbon fibre frameset kit.

Our SN01 frame is becoming an industry leader with its high tech Toray T700 carbon fibre construction, saving you both weight and money by being excellent value for money. To allow the frame to accommodate tyres up to 4.8” in width, we have fitted the frame with a 120mm BSA bottom bracket shell, and it needs a 197mm rear hub. Frame size has 16 inch,18 inch and 20 inch.

To help you on bikepacking adventures, the SN01 is equipped with fender and rack mounts. The frame is also fitted with internal cable routing to make sure that your gear changes and braking work regardless of the weather that you are riding in. You can buy the frame either by itself or with our 150mm carbon fibre fat bike fork.

The frame is also available in a frameset guise. In this package, you get a full lightweight fat bike kit. You get frame, fork, seatpost, stem, and handlebar. All come constructed out of the finest Toray T700 carbon fibre.

Next up in the range is the SN02. This frame looks sleek and fast, words you do not often get associated with fat bikes but are perfect monikers for the SN02. Like the SN01 frame the SN02 frame is set to accommodate a 197mm wide hub but this time runs a 100mm BSA bottom bracket. Frame size has 17 inch and 19 inch.

The next step up is our full suspension fat bike frame the SN04. Again this frame is constructed from Toray T700 carbon fibre to keep weight down and quality up. A genuinely versatile frame this frame can be run as a 26” fat bike, 27.5”+ or 29”+ and by being 12 x197mm symmetrically spaced there should be no hardship in getting wheels that fit.


$ 913.00 USD
    Have you been looking at all those fantastic bikepacking stories featuring people riding full suspension fat bikes and...
    $ 500.00 USD
      Fat bikes that are designed for going vast distances, carrying loads, and riding over snow are generally seen...
      $ 730.00 USD
        This combination will included Frame+Fork+Headset+Stem+Handlebar+Seatpost+Seatpost Clamp+Carbon Spacer and one set of Thru Axle, all the bike parts are...
        $ 500.00 USD
          Have you looked at fat bike ultra-endurance races, such as the Arrowhead 135, and thought this sounds like...
          $ 914.00 USD
          $ 770.00 USD
          $ 730.00 USD
          $ 500.00 USD