With the rise of the ICAN Cycling brand's influence and more and more customers buy our products.

In order to live up to the expectations of our customers, we have the responsibility to provide better services. At the same time, we also hope that more partners can benefit from our company.

Even though we suffered a lot from the epidemic in 2020, we continue to moving forward, which made greater progress in the bike industry.

In 2021, we hope to do more, to provide better service to our customers, and let our partners get more benefits. Because there are no customers, no support from our partners, there would be no ICAN CYCLING.

Based on that, we will start up our Bike Shop Program. If you own a bike shop, or you are a cycling enthusiast who is good at fixing bicycles, then you will cab have access to join this program.

What Is The Bike Shop Program

The Bike Shop Program mainly serves our loyal local customers. The purpose is to help our overseas customers get a better shopping experience and after-sales service, including product consultation and maintenance.

The main content of the bike shop program is that we will invite a group of experienced bike repairers who preferably own a bike shop to join this project.

Our customers maybe meet some problems when use products. They prefer to repair locally and want us to bear the cost.

Because our product's two-year warranty plan is valid, we will provide good repair services.

When experienced bike repairers join our team, customers will repair them in the nearby bicycle shop easily.

Customers will do not need to return the goods to us. Customers can ask for help from our partners directly.

Our Bike Shop Program partners will repair the issued products.

It is important to do start up the program for us . In the past when we dealt with after-sales like maintenance, return, we wasted a lot of time and did not handle the after-sales affairs well.

We really need a local experienced bike shop to help us solve problems. Therefore, the mission of this Bike Shop Program is to help our clients to enjoy cycling.

What our Bike Shop Program partners need to do

1.Help customers in your country answer some simple questions

2.Repair the defective product

3.Communicate with us for problem solutions

4.Other matters to be negotiated, depending on the situation

What can I get from the Bike Shop Program?

If you become our Bike Shop Program partner, you can get

1.Repair fees! We will pay you a repair fees when you help customers repair products or answer questions. We will pay you according to the local market price, or even higher, depends on the situation.

2. Obtain the qualification of becoming our distributor. If you own a bike shop, we are willing to provide you with high-quality products to drive your sales. You will get a competitive wholesale price. We have a strong supply capacity.

3. Our sponsorship, if you are a cycling enthusiast, we are willing to sponsor your cycling, you will get good product support.

4. Sell our products without stock. You can sell our products without stock with confidence, and you will get a high commission once you sell the products.

How to become Your Bike Shop Program partner

If you want to become our Bike Shop Program partner, you need to contact us via email. We will carefully assess whether you are eligible to participate in our project. When sending an email, please indicate: Bike Shop Program.