$ 699.00 USD
    In the box: Carbon Gravel Bike Frame Fork Seatpost Clamp Headset Specification Type  New Gravel frame disc   Frame...
    Specification Type  New Gravel frame disc  Frame X-Gravel  (Flat mount) Seatpost (SP01)  400 x 27.2mm Material  Toray T700 carbon...
    The gravel bike is more nimble on the road compared to its mud-ready cyclocross equivalent, but strong enough...
    $ 699.00 USD
    $ 699.00 USD
    $ 650.00 USD

    The gravel bike of today is a go-anywhere, do-anything machine. And ICAN has created a collection of frames for 2021. All of these are based on ICAN's Speed Balanced Geometry® design principles. These versatile Toray T700 carbon frames confer good handling, lightweight and comfortable. But aesthetics is where the 2021 gravel collection shines, as seen in four basic frames – in a wealth of colors and finishes that will appeal to individual riders. And also turn envious heads.

    The GRA02 frame costs US$ 650. It's ready for disc brakes with flat mounts and concealed hydraulic lines. Sizes – like the other frames in the collection – range from a compact 49cm to a lanky 59cm. It will take 650B road wheels or MTB builds with 48mm tires, which makes it super versatile. The rider who likes simplicity will choose the matte black carbon finish; but the GRA02 is also available in a jazzy two-tone paint job of pink and blue, with bold ICAN decals.

    The Green X-Gravel frame is state-of-the-art at US$ 700, ready for modern components and tires up to 45mm on 700c rims. But where it stands out from the crowd is the glossy paint finish in vivid natural green. This is a frame that reflects the natural color of this green earth.
    For US$720, the Rainbow gravel frame comes with an eye-catching iridescent finish and decals. A bike with an ICAN Rainbow frame is a thing of beauty, well-suited to electronic gears.
    Top of the range at US$ 750 is a breathtaking variation on the Rainbow, which comes in ICAN's radiant paint – either a deep green or a rich red-brown, with sparkling iridescent TRIAERO decals. This is a gravel bike for the cycling connoisseur.