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Carbon Gravel Frame

ICAN Graro FrameICAN Graro Frame
Starting at $ 899.00 USD
X-Gravel 2X-Gravel 2
X-Gravel 2
Starting at $ 699.00 USD
Starting at $ 699.00 USD
$ 630.00 USD $ 699.00 USD

How to choose?

Graro Frame:
Versatile touring/adventure frame with ample clearance, mounting points and durable construction. Progressive gravel geometry and aerodynamic design for top-notch performance on any terrain.

X-Gravel 2 Frame:
An upgraded version of the popular X-Gravel that retains the core design and materials. Added features include internal cable routing for improved aesthetics, reduced drag, and enhanced performance. A reliable and versatile choice that appeals to both functionality and style.

GRA02 Frame:
Ultra-lightweight all-carbon frameset constructed from aerospace-grade Toray T700 carbon. Internal cable routing and rigid fork for precise handling. Extremely light at 1,530 grams while supporting wide tires.

In short, the Graro is built for endless off-road adventures. The X-Gravel 2 strikes a balance between function, looks and proven success. Meanwhile, the GRA02 prioritizes featherweight performance through advanced carbon construction. All offer versatile options - choose based on your priorities and intended use.

Benefits Of Carbon Gravel Bike

Carbon is the ideal material for gravel bikes when it comes to performance. Manufacturers take carbon fibers, arrange them in molds, and set their shape with a unique resin. This process creates a frame design that offers both stability and comfort while keeping weight low.

Carbon gravel bikes are versatile, making them suitable for a variety of terrains and riding styles. Whether you're exploring the countryside or riding across open spaces, a carbon gravel bike is a versatile choice that knows no bounds. It's the perfect companion for short outings, long-distance rides, and bike packing adventures. The main advantages of carbon include:

  • Weight: Carbon is lighter than aluminum. The less weight you have, the faster you can go with the same amount of power.
  • Stiffness: Carbon is a very rigid material. With high stiffness, the power transfer from pedal to speed is more direct and efficient.
  • Comfort: The pliability of carbon will do a lot of work to minimize any chatter from the surface underneath, while still letting you put a lot of power through the cranks.
The ICAN Gravel bike is a prime example of gravel biking at its finest. Made from a blend of T700, T800, and T1000 carbon fiber, these bikes achieve the perfect balance of lightness and durability for outstanding gravel performance. Unmatched performance, minimal weight. No compromises with a carbon gravel bike.