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DT Hubs Wheelset

ICAN AERO 40 DT240s/350s Road Bike WheelsetAERO 40 DT240 EXP/350
AERO 40 DT240 EXP/350
Starting at $ 815.00 USD
ICAN AERO 45 DT240s/350s Road Bike WheelsetICAN AERO 45 DT240s/350s Road Bike Wheelset
AERO 45 DT240 EXP/350
Starting at $ 830.00 USD
ICAN AERO 50 DT240s/350s Road Bike WheelsetAERO 50 DT240 EXP/350
AERO 50 DT240 EXP/350
Starting at $ 840.00 USD
ICAN AERO 55 DT240s/350s Road Bike WheelsetAERO 55 DT240 EXP/350
AERO 55 DT240 EXP/350
Starting at $ 860.00 USD
ICAN AERO 86 DT240s/350s Road Bike WheelsetAERO 86 DT240 EXP/350
AERO 86 DT240 EXP/350
Starting at $ 895.00 USD

DT Swiss hubs are routinely given great reviews, and best in test in cycling magazines, this is because quite simply they are great. Now with our wheelsets, you can get a UCI certified carbon road bike wheelset featuring two of the very best value DT Swiss hubs.

We use the DT Swiss 240S and the DT Swiss 350S hubs in our wheelsets. They both feature the DT Swiss Star Ratchet System in their rear hubs. The Star Ratchet System will give you a quicker pedal engagement, lower the amount of maintenance you have to do on your hubs, and it makes the hubs themselves stiffer.

Even better is that when you have to do the little bit of maintenance needed to keep them rolling, you do not need any tools. Literally, you can use your hands to take apart and service the hubs in minutes. The 350 is the affordable way into this DT Swiss quality, but with ICAN you can buy wheels with the 240S hub for the same price or less than other manufacturers using the 350S hub.

So now you have decided which DT Swiss hub you want, what type of rim do you want it laced to? Our rims are available in clincher or tubular depending on how much you like gluing or taping tires on. Some of our rims such as the FL40 can be run tubeless if you fancy taking some road chatter out of your riding. Our rims are available in depths of 38mm (great for hill climbs) to 86mm depth (great for triathlons and time trials).

You can also buy the DT Hub disc brake wheels option should have gone down the road disc brake route for your bike or to allow you to turn your cross bike into a summer stallion.  The FL50 disc choice would also be a great way to add a turn of speed, while still retaining comfort, to your gravel bike.