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ICAN Wheels Review:How about the ICAN 40 wheels I bought
After a couple of weeks and several hundred kilometers atop the ICAN 40mm DT 240s carbon clincher wheelset, my impression is overwhelmingly positive. The versatility of these wheels due to the excellent 40mm depth lends them stiff assuredness when sprinting full-gas and out of the saddle while at the same time keeping them buttery-smooth when youʼre in the flow of a first category climb.

The best full suspension fat bike frame under 1000$

 ICAN has been bringing out a couple of bikes round the year. And I bet, this one is also going to be a likeable bike frame. It is going to be your buddy on some of the tougher terrains and make your rides memorable and enjoyable ones.

True to its name (Carbon Full Suspension Fat Bike), it is a fat bike. Its features are design coupled with quality. This SN04 Fat Bike Frame has the capability to reduce the possibility of any clash between the chain and the tire even in tougher gear combos.

The video reviews of ICAN Wheels

This is the influencer'sVideo Reviews for ICAN Wheels.To help you know more ICAN's wheels and other carbon bike products.


The best carbon wheels I have ever ridden
When I got my first set of ICAN wheels, I was as skeptical as so many others at a brand name I had not heard of. I did not know anyone that had ridden them, could not ask anyone, and this would be a set of wheels that I would have to pay for out of my pocket, not one I could borrow from the shop. My plan was to ride them really hard up all the mountains here in Southern California and in my travels with the simple goal of riding them to failure – to have them break and make a video about it. 

Reviews about ICAN Frame
Many influencers and customers have used ican frame, and their feedback is true. You can check those video review to help you know more about ICAN frame.

Reviews Of ICAN 38mm Carbon Fiber Wheelset
As a final note, I had a conversation with one of the mechanics at the local bike shop about the wheels, specifically the less expensive Chinese carbon fiber wheels.  It was his opinion that if the company that makes them (Ican, Superteam, etc.) is willing to put their name on the wheels, they’re pretty solid.  It’s when you get into the off-brand wheels that he sees trouble.  As far as Ican goes, I feel like I got away with something every time I ride my bike.  They’re that good.

26er 90c carbon fat bike wheelset review

The ICAN 26er Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset is well worth the money. Most riders may not see the appeal, but I’ve always wanted a carbon wheelset for my fat-bike. Asides from the fact that they won’t break the bank, Carbon wheelsets are also aerodynamic, lightweight and look super cool.


ICAN SN04 frame review
Sami Rusila share the story about the ICAN products. In the process of riding, many problems appeared, but they were solved in the end, and I was very satisfied with ICAN's products.

The best 65c carbon fat bike wheels i love
Ican carbonfat vanteet. Niin, ne valmistetaan siis hiilikuiduista. Ulkonäkö on mahtava, kirkas lakka päällimmäisenä. Lakan alapuolella näet hiilikuidun, pidän siitä.
Mitkä ovat hiilikuidun edut? Mielestäni rullaavuus, juuri se! En usko, että olen saanut yhtään enempää nopeutta ajamiseen näillä.

ICAN Fat Bike Frame Review-SN04
Every rider’s dream is to be able to stop thinking about what is in front of them and cycle with full confidence. Riding a fat bike on rough terrain can be an exciting experience but it can also get uncomfortable with the bumps and jolts that come with mixing speed and bad roads. This was an important factor when I set out to build a fat bike to my own specifications. I immediately saw the appeal of the ICAN carbon full suspension fat bike frame which I admit is the best of all worlds.

Taurus is exactly the right name for this aggressively responsive aero all-rounder
Lately, I been looking for a bike that was lighter and more reliable then the bike I have now. I needed a bike that was so light that could travel 20 blocks and not feel a thing.

I was also looking for a new way to travel to and from work. My car has gone out again and I didn’t feel like buying another one. I have decided I was going to buy me a really good and light bike. I spent thousands of dollars on many cars.