X-Gravel Bike Frame US
$ 915.00 USD$ 840.00 USD
    X-Gravel Bike Frame is a high-performance carbon frame specially designed for Gravel Bike. The package including: Carbon Gravel...
    Fat Bike Frame with fork SN01 US
    $ 860.00 USD$ 750.00 USD
      Specification Type Fat bike frame 26er Material 100% carbon fiber Toray T700 Weave Turquoise Glossy Frame Weight 1428g...
      26er 90C Fat Bike Wheels F685 US
      Specification Type  Carbon Fatbike wheelset Materials  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Size  26er(Max tire 4.8'') Rim  Finish: UD...
      Enduro F935E US
      $ 795.00 USD$ 735.00 USD
           Specification   Type  Carbon MTB wheelset Materials  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Size  29er Rim  Finish: UD...
        Fat Bike Wheels(DT hub) F685 US
        ICAN Fat Bike Wheelset F685 Build with DT 350 Hub 2021 According to the official description of DT...
        $ 915.00 USD $ 840.00 USD
        $ 860.00 USD $ 750.00 USD
        $ 845.00 USD
        $ 795.00 USD $ 735.00 USD
        $ 1,080.00 USD

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