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The tips when ordering from an overseas warehouse

1.In order to improve the user's shopping experience and provide better ship services,we built overseas warehouses. Please make it clear that the product you are buying is in stock in the designated overseas warehouse.

2.If you come from other countries, such as South America, Africa, Middle East countries, we will deliver it directly from the China warehouse.When you order products in a US warehouse, your address must be a US address., otherwise, your order will fail. Similar to other warehouses.

3.The product inventory in our overseas warehouses is limited, and many products are not available at overseas warehouses. But you can still place an order, we will ship in China, but you need to pay shipping and taxes.

The benefits when ordering at an overseas warehouse?

If you find that the product you want is available in overseas warehouses, you will definitely choose it first.
You will get:
1.Fast shipping speed
2.No pay tax
3. Local delivery

Notice:If you do not confirm whether the products you ordered are available at our overseas,plase consult with us in time.

Currently, ICAN has built an overseas Warehouse located in the US, Germany, and Japan.

You may ask:

1.I’m trying to purchase products but it’s giving me error info: This order can’t be shipped to my location. Can you help me out, I tried calling but the message said to call later. 

The reason for this problem is that there may are some faults in the website dashboard. The product you purchased does not match the product in our warehouse.
But don't worry. If you encounter this kind of problem, please contact us through the following ways, we will help you as soon as possible.
Whatsapp: +8618520892619

The product I need is not in the overseas warehouse

It means that there is no stock of this product in your overseas warehouse, please choose domestic delivery.

How to identify that the product I purchased is located in an overseas warehouse?

Generally speaking, we will mark US, JA, EU in the product description to distinguish different warehouses

US Warehouse

Japan Warehouse

EU Warehouse