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Carbon Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross Bike AC388Cyclocross Bike AC388
Cyclocross Bike AC388
$ 3,585.00 USD
CX Bike AC388CX Bike AC388
CX Bike AC388
$ 3,585.00 USD

Cyclocross is the art of riding across wet, muddy fields and somehow enjoying it. Over the last few years, cyclocross has grown in popularity and is now a great way to spend your winter riding. You should not think that you can only ride your cyclocross bike across muddy fields though, change the tires and have you have a summer club ride bike, put on some bikepacking bags and you have an adventure bike. With a cyclocross bike, you have a Swiss Army Knife of a bike.

We at ICAN offer the best carbon fiber cyclocross frames, built with a fantastic spec sheet for much less than you will find a comparable bike on the high street. Our complete bikes all feature the latest technology.

Both the CX Pro and Cyclocross bikes come with disc brakes, allowing you to have the very best stopping power in the worst weather conditions. By, braking later going into corners at races and save all those vital seconds that will ensure that you are challenging for your best times.

With the Cyclocross bike running a mix of Shimano Ultegra and SRAM Avid brakes, you will realize that no corners are being cut to bring you a bike with the best and most functional parts from the ranges of the leading two bike groupset manufacturers.  The CX Pro is suiting those of a more OCD nature by coming equipped with an SRAM Force groupset, including that lovely carbon fibre crankset.

Both bikes though come with our finest carbon fibre cyclocross wheels. This sets us apart from many other companies by making sure that you have race-ready wheels straight out the box. Wheels are the go-to first upgrade for bicycles, we have made sure that your new bike does not need any upgrades.

Is a cyclocross bike good for touring?

Cyclocross bike is not suitable for touring, you'd better choose X-gravel bike.

Can I ride a cyclocross bike on the road ?

cyclocross bike is dedicated to bicycle racing,it is best used on short-term roads.