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ICAN 26er wheelset 90c Review

I am very happy to be able to share my feelings when I received ICAN products.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you should spend a little time researching this company, you will find different places.

If you are considering updating your bike or bike parts, you should not miss ICAN

All in all you need a steady well-made pair of wheels to upgrade your bike.

Excited, looking forward to its arrival

I couldn’t wish for a better set of wheels for my bicycle! The ICAN 26er Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset is well worth the money. Most riders may not see the appeal, but I’ve always wanted a carbon wheelset for my fat-bike. Asides from the fact that they won’t break the bank, Carbon wheelsets are also aerodynamic, lightweight and look super cool.

I have gone through my fair share of wheels for my Diamondback fat bike but I have found out that the ICAN 26er carbon wheelset is best at lowering my rotational weight than any other brand out there. The wheelset arrived weighing an impressive 2297g (the front wheel weighed 1069g and the back one 1228g) and despite its lightweight, it is remarkably sturdy and durable.

The ICAN carbon wheelset was designed as an all-terrain fat bike wheel I found out that it was able to hold up to whatever I threw at it, whether I was riding on snow, sand, or track. In fact, I felt like the gears were easier to wind up and even a novice rider like myself couldn’t help but notice the faster acceleration and lighter ride.


The ICAN 26er carbon wheelset is made from 100% premium Toray T700 carbon fiber which produces smoother walls and results in a lighter rim altogether. The wheelset also looks super cool with a black UD Matt finish that gives your bike a nice tire profile on any terrain. I was surprised at how light it was the first time I lifted one up and I remember being impressed at how easily it pedals the first time I took a spin on it. This reduction in rotation mass also meant that I didn’t need that much effort to turn the wheels whenever the trail turned uphill.

The 90mm width of the ICAN fat bike carbon wheelset is the ideal size for all fat bike tires and gives you a great looking tire. The wide rim allows for an enhanced aerodynamic configuration and handles easily on rough terrain while adding to its overall stiffness and durability. The ultra-low profile provides better pinch flat protection and fast-rolling performance even on rough terrain.

The fat bike wheelset also features a 15/150mm thru axle on the front wheel and 12/197mm on the rear. Using a thru axle system over a quick-release system helps reduce uneven loading and stiffen the lower legs. This way you have a stiffer front end and improved steering and handling. I find this particularly useful when making my way downhill or tracking through sharp corners at speed.

Powerway Hub

The ICAN carbon wheelset is fitted with changeable Powerway freehubs with Shimano 11 Speed and SRAM XD-compatible rotors. Both wheels come with Powerway M74 hubs installed in them but the front wheel comes with a front hub with 2 sealed bearings weighing 198g while the rear wheel comes with a rear hub with 4 sealed bearings weighing 354g.

Powerway hubs are the perfect choice as they are designed to be changeable with wide flanges on the drive side that offer better torsional stiffness and easier maintenance. I find that the Powerway hubs perform better when changing gears and weigh less than Novatec or Chosen hubs. Finally, I like the contrast between the red hubs and the black UD Matt finish of the wheelset, they even look better in real life!

Spoke & Nipple

I was quite pleased to see that the fat bike wheelset is fitted with 32 CN Round spokes (both front and rear wheels) in a 3x cross pattern. The 3x cross spoke pattern weighs slightly more than a 2-cross or radially laced wheel but compensates this with improved wheel strength. It’s a big reassurance knowing that my wheels are able to stand up to the twisting forces exerted during braking and acceleration.

The spoke nipples are made of durable alloy and red in color which matches the hub quite well. There are 32 internal nipples that sit within the rim and can be adjusted by removing the tire. The spoke holes are angled a way that allows the nipple to sit in a straight line with the spoke to help reduced stress. This innovative design will leave you with fewer broken spokes and nipples in the long run.

Double-Wall Construction

The ICAN 26er fat bike wheelset features a one-piece, double-wall construction for maximum stiffness, making it perfect for all-season fat-bike riding. After a week of riding the ICAN carbon wheelset on sand, snow, track and everything in between, I can confidently say that the double-wall construction has significantly improved my fat bike’s response, handling and feel. My Diamondback responded much more quickly when sprinting and I experienced a smoother ride over rough road surfaces, especially during out-of-the-saddle climbs.


Another thing I loved about the fat bike wheelset asides from their stiffness and durability was the ease of setting up a tubeless tire. The ICAN carbon wheelset features modified clincher tubeless ready rims and a deeper tire bead channel that provide superior tire seal. Mounting & dismounting fat bike tires is a breeze as I am able to swap from my powder hounds to studded tires without much hassle, the tires just snap into place easily. The tubeless system also performs perfectly at super low pressure making them the ideal choice for winter riders. In fact, I found out that no matter the pressure they were exposed to, they simply did not break, burp, or slip the bead seal.


So should you buy the ICAN 26er Carbon 90mm Fat Bike Wheelset? Yes, you should! This fat bike carbon wheelset is lightweight, aerodynamic and a delight to behold. The ICAN carbon wheelset also delivers great ride quality and performance. The 90mm wide rim is more durable and features a double wall design that makes it perfect for any type of terrain whether dirt, sand, snow, or on a competitive track.

  • Mar 02, 2021
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