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The best full suspension mountain bike 2021

What should I look for in a full suspension mountain bike?

There are many reasons why you would want a full suspension mountain bike. Perhaps it's for a smoother ride or maybe because you are riding more gnarly and rough trails. Whatever the reason, it gives you the freedom to explore mountains and trails around the world in the most fun way possible.


The first thing you should figure out when looking for a full suspension mountain bike is what type of terrain you plan on taking your new mountain bike on.

Does it involve lots of rocks, roots or jumps?

Do you plan to do lots of pedaling or is it a mix or both uphill and downhill?


There are four main types of full suspension mountain bikes:

When you know  which type full suspension mountain bike you want, it’s time to find a mountain bike that best suits you.

full suspension MTB


First you should find a reliable full suspension mountain bike supplier, then you will get good after-sales support and affordable price.

ICAN Cycling will be your best choice.At present,ICAN Cycling has developed XC/Trail/Enduro full suspension mountain bike.

In the same configuration and price range, their full suspension mountain bike is considered one of the best affordable  mountain bike 2021.

Now Let's look at the best 3 full suspension mountain bikes from ICAN Cycling you can buy in 2021.

The best XC full suspension mountain bike

XC Full Suspension MTB Bike S3 under 4000$

The full suspension moutain bike we are looking at is the Cross Country or “XC” bike which typically has 100 mm of rear travel.It is designed for those who enjoy a mix of uphill and downhill with a stronger focus on being very efficient when pedalling uphill.

One must look for a light-weight full suspension mountain bike that is very capable to take you on those long bike rides.

A perfectly balanced bike, one that can handle both uphill and downhill rides would be the ICAN S3.

XC full suspension Mountain Bikes s3

The XC full suspension mountain bike is available in four sizes: S, M, XL, and L, basically suitable for riders of all heights.

In addition,the 100mm travel bike features electronic shifting courtesy of SRAM's GX eagle Trigger Lunar, which is a great spec considering the price. To slow down, S3 has specced the Spark with SRAM LEVEL brakes, and the fork are from RockShox, respectively.

Summary features:


  • Travel (F/R): 100mm/100mm
  • Frame construction: Carbon 
  • Groupset: SRAM GX eagle Trigger Lunar
  • Wheel size: 29er suspension MTB
  • Carbon 29ER 15*110 RockShox FORK

    The best Enduro full suspension mountain bike

    29er Full Suspension Enduro Bike P9 under 5000$

    Enduro mountain bikes typically have a greater focus on downhill sections. They are a do-it-all bike if you had to pick one just one that could take you to bike parks, single track trails, and epic freeride lines. These bikes typically have 150mm travel.


    A great option is the super durable, modern geometry and affordable ICAN P9. This bike is a full carbon enduro mountain bike that can take you to the top of the mountain and have even more fun going down. 

    Enduro full suspension Mountain Bike p9

    P9 uses high-strength full carbon frame, SDLX RC3 Rear Suspension and carbon ROCK SHOX LYRIK fork.
    This 150mm travel bike features electronic shifting courtesy of SRAM's X01 Eagle 12 speed groupset.Whether the stiff and comfort, P9 has a good performance.


    The new ICAN 29er Enduro full suspension bike is a monster. Trails will instantly smooth out as you roll towards them, no drop will be too big, and hucking is to be encouraged. Based around a 150mm travel carbon fiber frame this bike will take you trail riding faster than you have ever gone before.

    full suspension enduro bike
    The frame is constructed from a blend of Toray T700 and T800 carbon fibers; this has allowed our engineers to construct a great stiff, strong, and lightweight platform for you. They have used Boost spacing to make sure that your rear end is wide, along better and bigger suspension bearings to be used. This has increased the stiffness of the rear end and will aid the longevity of the bearings.

    To go with this excellent frame, we have installed the impeccable Rock Shox Yari fork in 160mm travel, no reason to fear any trail now. These forks are connected to the great ICAN carbon wheels, providing you with the best trail riding experience. These carbon rims are tubeless ready and are shod with Maxxis Minions.

    To allow you to stop and change gear we have fitted an SRAM X01 Eagle groupset, including their Boost BSA bottom bracket, no creaky press fit bearings for you. You are by now probably wondering if this bike comes with a dropper post and it does, the X-Fusion Manic. This post, like your gear cable and brake hoses, is routed internally for nice clean looks and crisp function at all times.




  •  ICAN Tubeless Ready Wheelset
  • Novatec D791SB/D792SB Hub
  • Sapim Basic Leader Round Spokes
  • Sram XO1 Eagle 12 Speed Groupset
  • Let's see the actual performance of the best enduro full suspension mountain bike in mountain biking


    The best Trail full suspension mountain bike

     Full Suspension Trail Bike P1 under 3500$

    • Shimano Deore SLM6100R Shifter
    • SHIMANO 6100 Groupset
    • Shimano Deore M6100LR Brake
    • Sapim Basic Leader Round Spokes
    • Maxxis Tire

    Trail Bikes are one of the types of mountain bikes, generally called all mountain bikes.

    This type of bike is designed to take into account handling and comfort when climbing hills, as well as a certain speed when going downhill, with shock absorbers, thicker tires and low gear ratios.

    So this type of mountain bike will be less efficient than those specifically designed for racing, but it will be more fun when going downhill. And for some steep or uneven terrain, it will be more suitable than XC Racing bike.


    Trail full suspension mountain bike p1

    If you are looking for a affordable price Trail full suspension mountain bikeICAN Trail Bike P1 would be the right choice. The Trail Bike has very good performance with 130mm Rear Travel, using hubs and spokes produced by trustworthy manufacturers, you don’t have to worry about its quality.

    There are five sizes of trail bike p1 available, so you don’t have to worry about not having a trail moutain bike suitable for your height.

    The P1 uses high-end bicycle accessories. Under 3500$, P1 is considered the best Trail full suspension mountain bike in 2021.

    The frame of P1 uses Full Carbon Toray T700 material. 1-1/8”, 1-1/2” Internal Headset, BSA73 Boost Bottom is adopted.

    In addition, The 130mm travel bike features electronic shifting courtesy of Shimano Deore SLM6100R, Shimano Deore FCM6100 32T 170mm Chainset.

    ICAN P1 has specced the Spark with Shimano Deore M6100RF brake, and the fork and shock are from RockShox.

    The trail bike P1 is currently sold out!

    Red Trail full suspension mountain bike

    The best Downhill full suspension Mountain Bike


    Downhill mountain bikes have one main purpose and that is to provide the smoothest ride down the mountain. These bikes will have anywhere from 170-220mm of rear travel along with triple clamp forks. Incredibly smooth and fun bikes if your main mountain biking is bike parks or shuttle laps. These bikes are not meant for pedalling uphill but in return give you the feeling of a world cup racer as you tear down the track.


    For market share reasons, ICAN Cycling has not yet developed a Downhill full suspension Mountain Bike. There are many Downhill full suspension Mountain Bikes available on the market. such as:

    • Santa Cruz V10
    • Commencal Supreme
    • Pivot Phoenix 29
    • Trek Session 29
    • Canyon Sender 6

    They are all called the Downhill full suspension Mountain Bike of 2021.You can choose the most suitable downhill full suspension mountain bike according to your needs.



    The main thing you should look for in a full suspension bike is to pick the one that best suits the type of terrain you plan on taking your new mountain bike. The goal is to have a lightweight, yet durable MTB that gives you the freedom to enjoy the sport and improve your skills in a fun and healthy way.


    Why you should buy full suspension mountain bike

    Once you choose the full suspension mountain bike, you will enjoy many benefits. You will get a perfect riding experience.

    As we all know,mountain biking is a great sport and it provides several health and wellness benefits for the cycling enthusiast.


    Perhaps you have heard the term “full suspension mtb” being used, but what does it mean? A full suspension mountain bike has shock absorbers on the front and back and provided several performance benefits that I’m going to explain to you.


    So let's get into the Top 5 benefits of a riding a full suspension mountain bike.

    #1 - Smoother Ride
    If you're coming from a hardtail or a rigid bike, the first thing you will notice is now plush the rear end of the bike is and it’s ability to soak up small bumps and chatter. This makes for a significantly smoother ride and helps with vibrations when riding on gravel or rougher terrain.

    #2 More Enjoyable
    With less impact and vibrations when riding, it actually makes riding longer distances or rougher trails more enjoyable. The body will absorb less impact as the full suspension mountain bike is doing the work.

     More Enjoyable MTB CYCLING

    #3 Ability to progress your skills

    It's been proven that by riding a full suspension mountain bike your skills will improve dramatically. This is because the bike will now allow you to ride rougher, more technical terrain that will push your riding ability and intimately make you a better mountain biker.

    #4 It opens up new trails and terrain
    Having a full suspension mountain with more travel will allow you to ride more terrain in your area. Escape from the gravel paths and ride dedicated mountain bike specific trails that are a mix of roots, rocks and stunts.

    Mountain bike cycling

    #5 Its a do-it-all bike
    If you're going to buy one mountain bike, I’d highly suggest getting a full suspension mountain bike such as the S3 from ICAN Cycling as this will allow you to ride varied terrain from single track trails to bike parks and everything in between.

    There you have it, my top 5 reasons to buy a full suspension mountain bike so you also can enjoy all the benefits that come with owning this type of mountain bike. Be sure to check out the entire range of the best full suspension mountain bikes from ICAN Cycling.

    Now you have known that full suspension mountain bike option and benefits.It is time to buy a bike to start!

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