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Here’s the safest way to answer the question asked by our title – we will list five full suspension bikes from the top bracket, and readers can make their own choice.

How to setup your suspension on your mountain bike

Setting up your suspension can seem complicated, especially if you talk to your friend who knows all suspension. What you want is a simple and easy to follow guide that can teach you all about suspension and do so quickly. That is why we’ve created you this suspension guide.

The Best ICAN Full Suspension Carbon Mountain Bike

There are many reasons why you would want a full suspension mountain bike. The article will introduce the best one of full suspension mountain bike you can choose and the benefits you will get.

Enduro bike VS Trail bike

Enduro bike and Trail bike belong to the type of mountain bike, but there are differences between two types of bike. They are applicable to different types of mountain. Based on the existing mountain bike models of ICAN Cycling, let's describe the difference between Enduro bike and Trail bike.In all ICAN Cycling bike product lines, P1 is Trail bike and P9 is enduro bike.

The best affordable full suspension XC MTB S3
The best affordable full suspension XC MTB S3 2021.The birth of XC bike S3 is what we expected. We have always wanted to make a best affordable price full suspension XC bike to enrich our product line.