How to choose ICAN wheels according to your budget?

How to choose ICAN wheels according to your budget?

As our frequent customers know, ICAN has launched several series of wheelset with the different price; you can choose the wheels according to your requirements. The first series is the Standard Wheelset assembled with the J-bend hubs and aero bladed spokes. Although we call it Standard Wheelset, the hubs and spokes are both made by Taiwan. Then it is our mainstay product line in 2018, that is, the Fast and light series (FL).

In 2019, we make some improvement of the FL series, we upgrade the barking track and the hubset, now wheelset will become stiffer. Moreover, we launch the new wheels—AERO series. We now have a wheelset that has all the FL series qualities (strength, stiffness, and aero) but for around 100g less per wheelset. Besides, some customers would prefer installing the wheelset with better hubset with well-known brands, good quality, and high performance, to meet the requirements of this, we then laced the DT hubs to our AERO rims with Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

Now let’s recommend you how to budget when considering buying a new wheelset on

If Your Budget is Near 300 USD

we would suggest you to buy a good-quality aluminum wheelset at budget prices. There are some carbon wheels in the market that are priced low, maybe you could get one set at the price of around 300 USD. But ICAN doesn’t have the wheelset that is less than 300 USD. People should know that you get what you pay for. So we don’t suggest you use 300 USD to buy a pair of carbon wheelset.

If Your Budget is Near 400 USD

you can choose the ICAN Standards wheelset first.Rims are laced with J-bend hubset and aero blade spokes. We can even supply a rim based on tyre preference. Our rims can be bought in a tubular variety if you like gluing your tyres on, and our clincher rims come tubeless ready.  

If Your Budget is Near 600 USD

we would recommend you buy the FL series. In 2019, we make some improvements of theseFL series road wheels. Now the braketrack can withstand 300° as opposed to 240°. We also add change the bearings in hubs and add an anti-slip strip in the freehub. Now the FL series wheelset has been much stiffer!

If Your Budget is Near 800 USD

A pair of AERO wheelset would be a good choice for you! OurAero series wheelsare constructed using the finest Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber, which is 100g less than the FL series rims. Apart from this, we take the R01 hubs installed with the AERO rims, with 18 holes front and 24 holes rear to reduce the weight. The brake track of Aero ranges hasa higher tolerance that can withstand 300°.

If Your Budget is Near 1000 USD

a wheelset with DT hubs will deserve that! DT is known for making some of the best hubs in the cycle industry. Their hubs are designed to bring you top performance at a great price. Rims assembled with DT hubs will allow you to put the power down instantaneously. Buy a set of our DT Swiss wheelsets and discover will help achieve your training goals.


Absolutely, if your budget is enough, you can just go ahead for the wheelset with those famous brands, like Mavic. But if you budget carefully, who not try a wheelset made in China? Some customers might be worried about the wheelset with poor quality, however, some wheelset with niche or big brands are also OEM from China.


We want you to ride the best and it is your chance to do so at a price that is not going to break the bank. Try the cost-effective carbon wheels made in China!

Last but not least, ICAN will instantly commit ourselves to providing customers with wonderful shopping experience and of high-quality products!

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