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Power Meter or Carbon Wheels,Which One?

I've research many info and sources, and this post will try to explain the differences between power meters and carbon wheels, but it's not about decision making, the purpose is to help you understand them better. Of course, if you have the budget, having all the carbon wheels and power meter is better for your cycling experience.

How To Test The Carbon Wheels We Bought?
Your wheel is one of the most important components of your bike and that’s why they must be chosen with care. The performance of your bike can be c...

All things about the wheels spokes

Spokes, they are the least glamorous part of a wheelset, no one ever talks about their spokes. They are pretty integral to the quality of your wheels though. A lower quality set of spokes can ruin a quality rim and hub combo. That is why we at ICAN take a lot of care on deciding how to spoke our wheels.

How to choose the correct road bike wheels depth
What road wheel rim depth do I need?  That vital question will take some research to answer, especially in the era of carbon fiber. In the old days of alloy, rims were narrow and shallow, and weight was the prime consideration for all cyclists. But then carbon fiber took over, because the new miracle material was lighter and more rigid than metal.

Rim brake wheels vs Disc brake wheels
Carbon Rim Brake Wheels With carbon road wheels, you have two options—based on brake type. Carbon road wheels rim brake and carbon wheels disc brak...

Carbon Wheels Review:How to review your carbon wheels
There are two basic wheels options available for interested buyers of carbon wheels. You can either go for carbon wheels or aluminum when. As you b...

The benefits of 27.5er Carbon Boost Wheelset

Have you been racing enduro? Dropping off cliffs? Feel like pimping your bike up? If you want to do that,it would be better to use the 27.5er Carbon Boost Wheelset for your bike. The article will tell you all benefits for 27.5 boost wheels.

AERO special rim brake wheels 2021! AERO 40 vs AERO 40s
ICAN releases the latest Aero special series rim bike wheels 2021.What is the difference between two version rim brake wheels?

Customize your carbon road wheels
Those info you need to know when customize your carbon road wheels.The article will be a guide to help you customize your road wheels from ICAN Cycling.

Guide to choose best budget wheelset
This article introduces you to that how to choose ICAN wheels according to your budget?  You will know how to choose carbon wheels within in a limited budget to find the best budget wheels for you.

Carbon Clincher Wheels vs Tubeless Ready Wheels
The article will tell you the difference between Carbon Clincher Wheels vs Tubeless Ready Wheels.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Bike Wheels

It is already well known that carbon wheelsets are the ultimate upgrades if you are looking for cutting edge tech. Road bikes are all about speed and this is impossible to do if you are not well equipped. The most crucial aspect of picking the right wheelset for the job is having the knowledge on what to buy.The article will tell you the all Factors to Consider when buying wheelsets 2022.