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Will carbon spoke wheels be the trend for road cycling?

While carbon fiber revolutionizes the bike industry, carbon spokes also represent the dawn of a new era in the same industry. You may not be completely oblivious about the new wheel technology but it’s important to know what special features it offers compared to the traditional steel spokes.

Carbon spoke wheelsets will be the newest generation of prototypes designed for high-end racing as well as road bikes. Not only the ready-made carbon bikes, but you can also upgrade your steel spoked bikes into carbon ones. While carbon fiber only started its journey back in the 90s, carbon spoke is also a new kid in the block. Being new doesn’t stop them from living up to the hype around it, thanks to some of the amazing advantages of the material. Let’s know them in detail.

What Is A Carbon Spoke Wheels?

While Carbon fiber has come a long way since its inception in the aerospace industry, a carbon spoke wheels also is a result of intense research, thanks to the experts. To your great surprise, this is the same material that has been used to build mammoth Boeing airplanes. Similar to carbon fiber, carbon spokes are futuristic materials known for their rigidity and better fatigue life while aerodynamics are also something to consider.

The material represents a similar niche of carbon fiber that provides you with a better riding experience over traditional steel spokes. The high tensile strength and flexibility of the carbon spokes are unmatched and have a profound effect on the safety and comfort of the riding. What is truly amazing about carbon spoke material is it can be tweaked into custom shapes resulting in better aerodynamics and rolling of the wheelsets.

What is the advantage of Carbon Spoke Wheels?

We know that carbon fiber material comes as sheets of individual parts laid down on top of one another to mold into a custom shape. Carbon spokes also follow a unique process to attach them to the rim. Probably the biggest advantage of this process is you can tune the rim the way you want to bring custom stiffness that might not be possible in the case of conventional steel spokes.

Carbon spokes are popular for their lightweight design and perform well in absorbing stress while riding. Talking about the difference between high-end carbon spokes and steel spoked wheels, the right field should technically be better and snappier. The power from your leg should be transferred more directly to the ground because the spoke doesn’t flex as much as in the steel. The versatile material properties are incredibly strong causing amazing tensile strength and stiffness.

Carbon Spoke Wheels vs Steel Wheels

When it comes to the carbon spoke wheels, they perform better than steel or aluminum spokes. With carbon spoke wheels you can achieve far more powerful lateral stiffness than steel one even if you reduce the spoke count. This concludes how powerful and flexible the spokes actually are while riding. Carbon spokes are bulkier than steel spokes and this could be a reason why even fewer spokes can be more powerful than steel ones. The lighter weight and higher tensile strength keep the carbon wheels ahead of their other rivals. A unidirectional layup is used to manufacture carbon spoke wheels that allow users to increase the load limit from 125kgf to 300kgf. The design can also be more complex for better performance and stability.

Benefits of Using Carbon Spoke Wheels

From aerodynamics efficiency to crosswind stability, there are many benefits to using wheels made of carbon spokes or upgrading your steel wheels. If you’re a rider and you want to stay a notch ahead of the competition, the carbon wheel is the answer. The lightweight wheel and spokes made of carbon not only provides better stiffness and fatigue life, but the performance also improves to a great scale in comparison to conventional steel spokes. The lighter and better aerodynamic wheel could start reaping results on-road cycling as well as off-road on uneven surfaces. If you’re a professional and want your wheels and spokes to be made for championships, think no more, as carbon spokes can turn your ideas into reality as it can mold into complex shapes for better optimization.

Potential Drawbacks and Cost of Carbon Spoke Wheels

Despite having efficient aerodynamics and a decent stiffness-to-weight ratio, carbon spokes come at a cost, it’s more expensive than steel spoke wheels. Not only are they expensive due to their material but the adhesive bonding technique makes the wheel not easy to serviceable. You may face a hard time replacing a damaged thread or spoke. If you want your bike’s complete framework to be in carbon, from frame to spokes, it will leave a hole in your pocket. Similar to the carbon fiber material, almost all the carbon spoked wheel production process is hand made and we’re still a long way to make it automated. This intense labor-oriented process is cost-effective at all. Also, the rim brake performance could be not up to the mark compared to its alloy equivalents.

Stiffness Test

Carbon spoked wheels and spokes are two-time stiffer than traditional steel-spoked wheels. While the material itself is strong enough to increase tensile strength, the lightweight carbon spokes can absorb vibration pretty well. When you increase the stiffness of the wheel, it becomes beneficial in several ways. Better stiffness comes with better maneuverability and it ensures systematic power transfers. Increased stiffness coupled with the lightweight of the framework can even decrease the spoke count and a carbon-spoked wheel can pull off greater lateral stiffness.

Is A Carbon Spoke Bike Comfortable?

Unlike steel spokes, carbon spokes help absorb the impact well that your bike generates while jumping off a small cliff or bumpy roads. If you can get a tubeless tire along with a carbon wheel, you're going to experience the ultimate comfort while riding as your wheels run in lower pressure. This will enhance your grip and you can efficiently maneuver through terrains. Adventure wheels that come with a combination of the shallow and midsection can be very useful to increase the ground resistance and you always stay grounded even riding on uneven surfaces.

Should You Buy A Carbon Spoke Wheels?

The answers depend on the requirement and high-end operability of individuals. If you’re a beginner, you can go with a basic road or MTB bike made of steel or aluminum. If you’re thinking about upgrading your old steel bikes to carbon fiber, or want to make a completely new purchase, it’s important to chalk out your requirements and estimate a budget accordingly. Carbon fiber bikes are expensive, and if you want full carbon-spoked wheels, it will only increase the overall price of the model, or you can also fit steel or aluminum spoked in carbon rims for cost-effectiveness. If you’re good at breaking the bank, you can also try tubeless-ready high-end wheels with bladed spokes for better aerodynamic efficiency.


Carbon fiber technology is not something that was invented long back. It was only in the mid-90s when professional cyclists popularized the trend and since then it has come a long way. The technology is still evolving and carbon spokes are the result of the same evolving process. Maybe in the distant future, most of the production could be automated saving tons of manufacturing costs. But till then, carbon will remain an exotic material to have on your bike frame as well as spokes.

  • Dec 28, 2021
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