A superb sportive machine --Taurus

Road bikes are all about speed which is why the way they are built matters greatly.

The Carbon Road Bike Taurus is an impressive work of art with quite a number of high-end components that make it one of the most preferred choices by professionals. The speed of a road bike will be affected by its weight and aero dynamism. It will also be heavily affected by the kind of drivetrain fixed onto it.

The best of frames out there in the market are carbon fiber built. Road bikes may be expensive due to the inclusion of carbon frames and features but are worth every penny. They are durable and lightweight enough to increase the overall speed of the bike. It is common to find yourself having to lift the bike onto your shoulders and heavy bikes will not be pleasant in this case.

Some races such as triathlons require the rider to carry the bike for a distance before switching to a different race and this could hurt the chances of a win. Aluminum is also commonly used but is slightly heavier than carbon fiber. Steel and iron despite being much cheaper are much heavier components which is one of the reasons why you will not find them on most speed bikes.

The strength of the bike will also largely affect its handling. It is for this reason that every part of the bike has to be strong and durable. Durability is enhanced by not only using a tough framework, but creating durable joints.

Bike Features

The Carbon Road Bike Taurus comes with a number of impressive features that allow it to achieve incredible speeds.

A Classy Build

The Carbon Road Bike Taurus is a beauty to behold when it comes to road bikes. The impressive decals are a real statement and you will want to have this bike in your arsenal when it comes to beauty and performance.

An Aerodynamic Frame

The aerodynamic nature of a bike determines how well it can cut through the air. This makes a huge difference when it comes to races and this difference can be in terms of seconds or less. The bike comes with an Aerodynamic 700C series carbon frame. The frame has a tapered head tube that is perfect for stability and absorbing pressure when riding downhill.

A tapered head tube also makes steering more sensitive, which is good when you need fast reactions when riding. The Carbon fiber frame also allows internal cabling for smarter and neater setup. The frame is also Di2 compatible, allowing your electronics to not only fit perfectly but also operate conveniently. The frames come in a number of sizes that will suit your stature ranging from 50cm to 58 cm with 3 more options in between. The lightweight frame is well designed to cut through the air as well as quick lifting.

The streamlined fork also cuts through the air easily without compromising on strength and durability. The fork is also a carbon fiber built adding no extra weight to the bike. The bottom bracket design is also different with a wider span of 85.6mm for better control and greater torsional strength.

The expanded span increases control and strength even when the rider has to apply more force onto the pedals. The rear triangle design is shorter accounting for explosive speed bursts. Assembling the bike is easy thanks to the compact nature of the frame system. Some of the extras include two positions for setting up bottle holders.

A Durable Aerodynamic Wheelset

Carbon Road Bike Taurus

Bike wheels will take most of the punishment besides the handlebars and fork. They will endure crushing force as well as stampede which can be a challenge if they are not well designed. The Carbon Road Bike Taurus is fitted with tough aluminum rims.

Aluminum is light and can withstand impact without shattering easily. It is also easily shaped into an impressive feature which is what gives the bike so much aesthetic appeal. The rim is 32mm deep and 21mm wide for stability and quick turns. The Michelin Lithion.2 tires are perfect for grip and durability with a 700x23C span.

A Tough Fluid Drivetrain

Carbon Road Bike Taurus

The drive chain in a large way affects how fluid the gear changes are. It also affects the speed and pedaling control of the bike. Shimano is known for the best drivetrains in the market and the Taurus comes with one. The bike harbors a Shimano 105 Groupset drive train for speed and agility. The drive train is perfect when it comes to fluid gear changes.

It comprises of a 105 Dual-Pivot SLR EV Brake BR-5800 for efficient stopping power even at very high speeds. It also has a 105 Dual-Control Lever (2x11-Speed) ST-5800 for fast effective shifts. The 105 HG Cassette Sprocket CS-5800, 11-25T (11-Speed) is durable and ideal for fast gear changes.

A 105 Brazed-On Front Derailleur is the core shifting mechanism controller and does a good job at ensuring you get precise movements on the chain. This is aided by the 105 Rear Derailleur SS RD-5800 and a 105 Hollowtech II Crankset chain.  The chain also has an FC-5800,53-39T and 170mmHG-X SIL-TEC build.

Carbon Road Bike Taurus

Other impressive features of the bike include a 350mm carbon seatpost that is also aerodynamic, carbon handlebars that are 420mmx31.8mm in dimensions and an ST01, 31.8x90mm carbon stem. The bike is also 7.85 kgs in weight, which is more than ideal for carrying and fast speeds. The bike seat is also made of breathable leather that allows long hours of riding at high speeds.


Carbon Road Bike Taurus

The aerodynamic 700C series frame is the main reason behind the Taurus speed and agility. The bike costs more than $1300 and is designed to give the user the best performance and comfort during high-speed rides. This, coupled with the aluminum wheelsets which are also lightweight makes it a challenger on the track. The bike is a great addition for novice and professional riders alike that are looking to get the best out of the race track.

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