ICAN 650B all mountain carbon suspension frame — One of the most popular frame for adventurers

Carbon fiber is the lightest and stiffest frame material which is at the heart of your mountain bikes. With ICAN carbon frame, you can certainly climb like a cross country (XC) rider and also descend down with confidence. The dual suspension frame is responsive, light, stiff and ready to ride on any technical trails.

The ICAN 650B All Mountain carbon Frame consists of Toray T700 100% carbon fibers, which is layered to strike the right balance. It provides excellent power transfer, handling, and comfort to the riders. The frame has been designed in a way that it can handle more aggressive in diverse riding conditions. It is equipped with 150 mm front suspension which offers plenty of smart suspensions when going downhill on the trails with full confidence.

The boost rear hub is of 148 mm. Due to the wider boost frame of 148 mm with 12 mm axle, you can have wider flanges which improve spoke bracing angles. And because of the improved spoke bracing angles, it allows having stronger and stiffer wheels to be built. Having a wider boost frame of 148 mm at the rear allows for shorter chain stay and better mud clearance. It also provides better tyre clearance, which is also important for plus size wheels.

The dropper seat post of 31.6 mm allows you to get comfortable behind the saddle and ride smoothly through the steepest sections of mountain biking trails. The new RockShox XX 200x57mm delivers a noticeably improved ride. It is recommended to have this shock platform with your mountain bikes.

It is open at both the ends which eliminate the problem of oil displacement and the requirement for floating piston. In other words, it provides a more reactive shock which enhances your ride experience and keeps the tyre of your bike glued to the ground.

650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel

Pros of 650B All Mountain Carbon Fiber Frame

1. The full suspension carbon frame bike is known for its smoother and more comfortable ride as compared to other frame material bikes. This remains to be one of the main benefits of the ICAN 650B All Mountain Carbon Frame for non-competitive riders of different age group. Carbon frame bikes are not only popular amongst the youth of age 20 – 35, but it is extremely popular between the age group of 35 – 45 and beyond.

This frame material eases the ride for all age group with its amazing vibration damping abilities.  In comparison to aluminum frame material that transfers shock and vibration through the bike, carbon frame comes with a vibration damping abilities that enables the rider to have a smoother ride.

2. So for if you are a professional and or bike enthusiasts looking for a comfortable ride, the ICAN 650B All Mountain Carbon Frame must be definitely a part of your mountain bike. In addition to the smoother and comfortable ride, bikers are also in need of something light and fast. The ICAN 650B All Mountain Carbon Frame makes the lightest fiber frames.

Because of the light nature of the carbon fiber frames, bikers' relishes the opportunity of not carrying any extra weight that also enables to ride the bike fast and easily through steep terrains. The carbon fiber frame is built for long-term strength. Due to this reason, the carbon fiber frame is exceptionally stiff. This in return increases the efficiency of the carbon fiber frame bike as it transfers power through the drivetrain to the rear wheel.

3. The ICAN 650B All Mountain Carbon Frame comes with a 2-year warranty. Carbon frames are extremely strong and last over a long period of time. Though, if you ever encounter a major crash in the mountains - it is always advisable to get it checked by a carbon frame specialist.

As we know, mountain bikes these days are not cheap by any means, it only makes sense to go for carbon fiber frames in your bike that can resist the harshest of terrains. The seat post of the bike is also made of carbon fiber because the properties which make it ideal for frame also remains best for smaller components of the bike.  

4. The carbon fiber frames not only allows to build a stronger frame, but it also provides the ability to a build a much durable frame. During quality check test, carbon mountain bike frames have completely outperformed other frame material like alloy and aluminum. The ICAN 650B carbon frame is known to provide good impact resistance. Also, the MTB frames used to be susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) damage.

However, with the ICAN carbon frame, it is no longer a problem because they come with ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers. Another thing which always bugs the rider is the washing of their bikes. With the ICAN 650B carbon fiber frame bikes, this problem no longer persists. As compared to other frame material like aluminum and steel, carbon is an inert material which is not susceptible to salt damage or chemical corrosion.

650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel

    Wrapping Up

    ICAN offers the carbon fiber frame with world class quality. It provides one of the most advanced carbon frames for mountain bikes, which is loved by professionals’ riders and non-competitive riders as well. ICAN 650B All Mountain Full Suspension Carbon Frame offers everything that helps to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

    With this carbon frame bike, one can climb with ease and descend with confidence. And with the addition of RockShox, the rider won't even feel the vibration during the steep and harsh terrains. ICAN came up with a unique carbon frame design solution that makes every effort so that all bike enthusiasts of all age groups, can enjoy a fun and exciting biking experience.

    The ICAN 650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame feels balanced with good quality and is also light enough which is relished by most of the mountain riders. So for someone who is looking to buy the next pair of frame material for their mountain bike, the ICAN carbon fiber frame is definitely worth having as it provides a great value for your money.

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