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Nova Series Road Bike Wheelsets

Why we develop NOVA series wheels

A couple of years ago we developed one of our best wheelsets a rider can imagine, the AERO series. But In recent years we noticed the technological progress that has been made in our business as riders push themselves always further to their limit and they want to push their bike to that same limit. Therefore we developed  our new premium wheelset: ICAN NOVA series so we can cater the wishes of our demanding costumers to give them the best wheelsets we can offer. If you’re looking for a race day wheel to add to your bag of tricks or a weekend epic wheel, our Nova series will not disappoint.

What makes the NOVA wheelsets so special?

We asked ourselves: what makes a great wheel stand out next to a bad wheelset?To us, it is the ability to have the maximum amount of power transferring over to your wheels with the least flex possible of your wheelset. After much research we found several features that promote wheel efficacy: a low weight wheel with a wide rim, oversized driveside flanges and especially the 2:1 lacing pattern.

Premium Products at Affordable Prices

As we already mentioned, our NOVA wheels are based on our AERO wheelsets, which means we used some of our unique technologies on the NOVA wheels. Both wheelsets are equipped with our patterned 3K braking track which gives a consistent and powerful  feeling while braking, even in the wet.Under the same configuration of various brand wheels, the price of the nova series wheels is very attractive. It is our presently developed Premium Products at Affordable Prices.

Buy Nova series wheels at ICAN 

More Lighter,More Comfortable

Getting back up to speed is no fuss either. The light overall weight, for reference: a NOVA 40 wheelset comes in at only 1330gr for the pair,  and our racing hub with straight pull spokes gives a very reactive and stiff feeling wheel. When you hit the gas, the wheel reacts almost instantly.

Modern 2:1 hub design

To even further promote the wheel stiffness we have chosen for a 2:1 lacing pattern. This allows two spokes to carry the load that only one would in a normal lacing pattern, which will only make the wheel feel even stiffer and help to balance spoke tension. The whole wheelset is held together with top of the line Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 20 in the front and 24 on the backwheel. We chose these spokes specifically for their high quality and the stiffness they add to a wheelset.

Different depth options

We offer you the NOVA wheelset in five different depth options: 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm. All of our wheelsets have an internal width of 18.35 and an external width of 25mm with a tubeless ready clincher profile so you have the choice of riding with or without an inner tube.

Support tubeless/clincher

Personally, I’d choose any day for a tubeless setup. The idea of self-sealing punctures, the ability to run low tire pressures for added grip and comfort, and less rolling resistance are all positives in my opinion.
The wide internal width gives you the advantage to fit a wider tire. A 25mm or 28 mm wide tire fits the rim almost perfectly, shaping the rim and tire in such a way attempting to blend aero efficiency and stability.

All wheelsets come with a HG-body so you can fit a 10 or 11-speed cassette on your drivetrain.

We are certain that all these technologies combined, the braking and acceleration of the NOVA 40’s would have a distinctive effect on the ride of any bike they are fitted into, so why not yours?

Is this wheelset for you?

If you are looking to up your riding game with some, than look no further. The NOVA wheelset will deliver the perfect upgrade for your riding experience without even leaving a massive hole in your wallet.

All our NOVA wheels are UCI-certified so they are perfect for any race situation. They are an extremely versatile high-end, high-performance carbon wheel that can mix it up with the best. They are light, stiff, fast rolling and brake well in wet and dry conditions. It’s everything you search for in any performance wheel that’s why we think that the NOVA’s are our best wheelset we’ve made yet.

Currently this series of wheels supports the rim brake system, but in the future we will consider designing the Nova series of the disc brake syste.

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