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AERO special rim brake wheels 2021! AERO 40 vs AERO 40s
ICAN releases the latest Aero special series rim bike wheels 2021.What is the difference between two version rim brake wheels?

Customize your carbon road wheels
Those info you need to know when customize your carbon road wheels.The article will be a guide to help you customize your road wheels from ICAN Cycling.

Guide to choose best budget wheelset
This article introduces you to that how to choose ICAN wheels according to your budget?  You will know how to choose carbon wheels within in a limited budget to find the best budget wheels for you.


4 Important factors affect MTB wheelsets'performance you should the article you will know how to choose the best carbon MTB wheels for you!

Guides to Carbon Road Wheels 2022

Carbon road bike wheels, there are thousands of options available. Just looking through all the options can be a highly confusing task, and once you put a marketing spin on it, it just gets worse. That is why we’ve put together a carbon road bike wheels buyers guide. Once we’ve broken down the terminology used, you’ll find it easier to make an informed decision and buy the road bike wheels that best suit you.

Buyer‘s Guide For Aero Bike Wheels
This is a comple Buyer‘s Guide For Aero Bike Wheels. You will know how to choose aero bike wheels. The factors you should know.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BIKE SIZE? This article will be a guide to teach you choose the suitable bike at ICAN Cycling.

Nova Series Road Bike Wheelsets
Why we develop NOVA series wheels A couple of years ago we developed one of our best wheelsets a rider can imagine, the AERO series. But In recent ...

AERO series wheels VS FL series wheels

We at ICAN are very proud of our carbon fiber aero road bike wheels. We felt our FL series carbon fiber wheels were a pinnacle of aero wheel design. For 2019 we have taken that design and pushed the engineering to bring you a lighter wheelset with all the same great qualities. For 2019 we bring you our Aero series of carbon fiber road bike wheels.

Alpha Series Road Bike Wheelsets
For a couple of years we wanted to develop a budget-friendly, but reliable wheelset so that every rider can benefit of the improved riding experience a carbon wheel can give. This is why we want to introduce to you the latest Alpha road bike wheelsets.

The important things you need know about Bottom Brackets
BB30 was devised by Cannondale, and BB86/92 is a Shimano designed standard. They both require similar maintenance, and we’ll be showing you how to keep your bearings bringing you top performance.

How to choose the right tires and wheelset
It is well known within the road bike community that narrower tires are faster than a wider tire. A narrow tire rolls faster than a wide tir...