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AERO special rim brake wheels 2021! AERO 40 vs AERO 40s

This year we have already introduced many new and innovative products like the best affordable Alpha series wheels and top Nova rim wheels and latest  full-suspension XC frame S3. Now we are very happy to bring you are latest product: the Aero S(special) wheelset.

aero 40 special wheels

These wheels are part of our Aero rim series, yet they are slightly different from our original aero wheels. 

In order to cover and meet the needs of more customers, we released two versions of Aero rim brake wheels:Standard version and special version.

What is difference between Aero or Aero special?

AERO 40 vs AERO 40s

Let us take Aero 40 and Aero 40S as an example, have a look for their difference.

  • AERO 40S: Novatec Hub
  • AERO 40: R01 Hubs

Different hub structures determine the number of spokes and the spokes pattern.Both hubs have been extensively verified and performed well.

Both versions of the wheels use Sapim CX-Ray spokes, but the number of spokes on the front wheels is different

The two series of wheels have the same number of rear wheels spokes.The number of spokes on the front wheel is different, which is a factor that affects the weight.

  • AERO 40S Front Spokes: 20
  • AERO 40 Front Spokes : 18


  • AERO 40S: Total: 1360+-20g
  • AERO 40: Total: 1314+-20g

Which is better? AERO special or AERO

Their performance is almost the same.Aero special series wheels have more spokes on the front wheels, so their load-bearing capacity is better than that of aero series wheels.

Specifications of the Aero special rim brake wheelset

Under the motto “don’t change what’s not broken” our engineers used all their acquired knowledge from our well proven Aero wheelset and put it to good use on the new wheels. Both wheelsets are made out of the best T700 and T800 Toray carbon making them light and nimble. We also kept the width of the rim profile of 25mm with a two-way clincher rim. This will not only help for an easier tubeless setup but will also give you a more stable bike at high speeds.

Of course, all our AERO rim brake wheels are equipped with our improved 3K Twill brake surface. This brake surface was designed for withstanding higher braking temperatures than a regular braking surface.

For your drivetrain we equip every Aero wheelset with a HG freehub body. This gives you the possibility to install up to an eleven speed cassette.

Chinese carbon road wheels

Of course we also put some upgrades on the AERO special wheelset. We wanted to give our costumers a better grade hub, that’s why we have chosen to build up our wheels with a Novatec hub which brings a better performance than the R01 hubs on the regular AERO series. Lacing a high end hub to our high end rims we went for the only spoke option possible: the Sapim CX-Ray spokes. As we used these spokes in all our AERO wheelsets with great success, it was the most logical choice but for the AERO S we put two extra spokes in our rim. This makes the rim a bit stiffer and a bit less fragile.

The only downside for these small upgrades on our new AERO S wheelset is a slight weight increase, they weigh in at about 1360 grams whereas the AERO wheelset is 50 grams lighter. But we can assure you that both wheelset perform almost identical.Even the Aero special have better performance.

Lastly, for all of our racers, every Aero wheelset is UCI certified. You can race without any worries on your new wheels.

Who is the Aero S wheelset for?

This wheelset is made for anyone, we really mean anyone: going from a Sunday rider to a seasoned racer, that is looking to make some aero gains with a nice, affordable carbon wheelset. It is made for people that are looking for good components on their bike parts without breaking their bank. It is for riders that want that extra stiffness and engagement from their wheels. The Aero S has it all: a great hub with fast engagement, lightweight spokes, good materials, hand made and laced and very reasonably priced.

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