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Customize your carbon road wheels

They say that when you’re riding in the zone, your bike becomes an extension of you. Let your personality shine through with ICAN’s road bike wheel customisation. Based on our high-quality carbon wheel range, you can now add your own custom touch to your ICAN wheels to make them truly unique.

You can build a wheel specification from scratch or take an ICAN wheelset already available and add your own twist. We’re ready and waiting to work together. This could mean taking an ICAN rim and upgrading the spokes to Sapim’s top-of-the-range CX-Ray spokes to guarantee strength and stiffness, or opting for the silky-smooth DT Swiss 240 hub to convert that energy into pure speed. Either way, our highly skilled wheel-builders will create the perfect wheel just for you.

Our custom hand-built road bike wheels don’t just take your riding capabilities to the next level, they also look the part, too- down to the very last detail. Subtle touches like the spoke nipple colour really helps to set your bike apart from the crowd. Just get in touch with your requirements at the time of ordering- we’re ready to listen.

At ICAN we understand no two riders are the same, so when it comes to putting together a wheel that matches your specific requirements, we celebrate the chance to customise a wheel that will take your riding to the absolute limit. Wheels are a critical part of any road bike setup. They’re the only point of contact to the road, your feedback for the journey ahead. We build custom wheels you can trust, time and time again.

How to Customize my carbon road wheels at ICAN

Before customizing your carbon road wheels, you need to understand the composition of carbon road wheels. Only when you have an understanding of carbon wheels can you know what wheels you need.

You need to contact us when you want to customize your road wheels.We can help customize:

  • 1.The bike hub

There are many hub options you can choose from, such as Novatec hub, DT Swiss hub.

  • 2. Carbon rim depth

We have 35mm, 40mm, 46mm, 50mm. 55mm, 86mm depth rim you can choose.

  • 3.Choose rim brake wheels or disc brake wheels
  • 4.Choose A Freehub Type

It is necessary to choose right freehub type, which will influence the bike cassette. The freehub transmits driving forces into the wheel and conversely, it freewheels when not pedalling. Freehubs are not inexpensive to replace, so you want to be fairly settled on what style of cassettes you plan to use in the future.

  • 5. Customize your wheel logo

If you need your own logo on your wheels, you need to spend some money, it is better to choose non-standard wheels, then customize some stiker only belong to you

  • 6.Choose the suitable spoke types

We have spokes produced by major spoke manufacturers. You can choose like sapim, pillar spoke.

When everything is confirmed, you can now start customizing your road wheels.

  • Sep 07, 2021
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