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Have you gone fat for winter but fancy using a slightly narrower tyre for summer? Do you have an older fat bike with less than 4” tyre clearance? Fancy losing a bit of rotational weight? All of these questions and more can be answered by our 65mm wide carbon fat bike wheel.

Like many ICAN products, our product name tells you exactly what you are buying. By doing this rather than coming up with clever acronyms and part names we save money on the manufacturing of products, and we pass that savings on to you. That is why the price for our 65mm wide fat bike wheels may have caused you to double take.

Our 65mm rim is constructed from excellent Toray T700 carbon fibre. This allows us to build you a wheel featuring that carbon fibre ride quality that is highly desired. The kind of ride that knocks trail chatter out and the rim can deflect some rock strikes. To boost this the rim is also tubeless ready, so get prepared to find out what riding tyres at 5psi can do for your riding.

To keep these rims going round, we have mounted them to Powerway M74 hubs. Featuring two sealed bearings in the front and four sealed bearings in the rear hub you can be sure that these hubs will last. To allow you to fit these on to your dream fat bike setup, we have both Shimano freehubs and SRAM XD drivers in stock. These thru axle hubs fit 150mm in the front and come in 190mm or 197mm for the rear of your bike.


Type  Carbon Fat bike wheelset
Materials  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700
Size  26er
Rim  Finish: UD Matt/12K Glossy
 Drills: 32/32 holes
 Width: 65mm
Thru Axle

 Front: 15x150mm 

 Rear: 12x190/197mm

Profile  Clincher Tubeless Ready
Hub  Powerway Hub
 Front: M74  2 sealed bearings  198g
 Rear: M74   4 sealed bearings   354g
 Color: Red
Spoke  CN Round spoke
Spoke Count  Front: 32
 Rear: 32
Spoke Pattern  Front: 3x Cross
 Rear: 3xcross
Nipple  Alloy
 Color: Red
Cassette Compatibility  Shimano 10/11 speeds
Weight  Total: 2143+-20g
 Front: 995+-10g
 Rear: 1148+-10g
Guarantee  2 years
Free  1 set of thru axle
Packing Size  81.5cm x 17cm x 65.5cm

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YES!Many customers have purchased wheels and frames of ICAN Cycling, and they give us many good feeback.All products undergo strict quality control and provide two years warranty.

What is the best tire size for my ICAN wheels?

The best tire size for your wheel, which depends on the wheelsets type, size and the conditions you plan to ride the wheel in.
If you focus on speed,aerodynamic, each carbon wheel will have a specific recomended tire width, which is listed on specific product pages under rim specs.

We find(Not necessarily 100% correct): With a broader external width, ICAN Cycling wheels roll most optimally with a 25mm/28mm (actual width) tire. For Jet wheels, we recommend 25mm (actual width) tires, but 28mm (actual width) tires are still an excellent choice. Unless a podium step hangs in the balance, the difference in the speed of the Jet, using a 25mm tire versus a 28mm tire, works out to only 0.05 kph. That’s approximately 3 – 4 seconds over 40km.

Our disc brake product series are marked with disc, which means that this is a disc brake system. Otherwise, this product is a V brake product.

The prices of the same products in different warehouses are different. We have prepaid taxes and freight for users who purchase products in overseas warehouses.

The reason may be that the spokes tension of wheels is too high. Please check that the spokes tension to make it at a the proper range.

Why do i feel the freehub is a bit tight when backpedal

When riding for the first time, freehub needs to run in with the wheels. Just ride for a while, freehub will run well.


For ICAN’s current line up of wheels, most of wheels is tubeless compatible. 


About the difference,you can check the image.

the difference between wheels

What is the difference between Alpha Disc and Aero Disc

The main difference between theses carbon road wheels is rim,spoke,hub.

1.Aero disc is lighter than Alpha disc,Aero disc use our superlight carbon rim. Alpha disc use our fast and light normal carbon rim.

2.Aero disc integrate Sapim CX-Ray Spokes,Alpha disc integrate Pillar SA1423 Spokes.
3.Alpha Disc with ICAN D21 Hub, Aero disc with ICAN D01 Hub.

What is the suitable spokes tension

MTB Wheels the front spoke tension :110 +-10 kilograms force
Rear wheel drive side :120 +-10 kilograms force
No drive side Rear :60% kilograms force of drive side Rear-wheel

Road bike wheels spoke tension:
front wheel: 110+-10 kg force
Rear wheel: 120+-10 kg force

Recommended maximum spokes tension: Less than 145 kgf

How to track my order online?

Once your order has shipped, a Shipping Confirmation email is sent to you with the tracking website and the tracking number. You can use this tracking number to track your order via the carrier's tracking site.

What is the processing time and delivery time for my order?

We will ship out the item within 36 hr with careful package after the processing time .and it takes about 3-10 days if the stock running out. The delivery time will epends on the courier method.

Noted:Due to the impact of the epidemic, the arrival time of the goods will be delayed.Due to increased demand, this product will ship in 7 – 8 weeks. If have any questions,please contact us in time.

65C Fat Bike Wheels