icancycling de warehouse berlin

Good news to you all! ICAN will open one more EU warehouse——Germany warehouse, to serve customers from European countries! Here we want to give you a brief introduction.

Ⅰ. Why do we want to prepare Germany warehouse?

    We have recently heard from some customers from European countries asking us what they will be influenced by the Brexit. Do they need to pay for the taxes and customs after Brexit? We seriously think about this problem, considering the influence might be caused by Brexit, ICAN is going to open the Germany warehouse to serve you. We are preparing some items now and they would be ready to be sent in the coming April. Please pay attention to our update on the website later. By taking the initiative in this, buyers from European countries could still enjoy the service of EU warehouse, quick shipment and prepaid taxes and customs will offer you exceedingly wonderful shopping experience.

    Ⅱ.What’s the necessity of Germany warehouse?

      Perhaps some people have the doubt that it is essential to have the Germany warehouse or not, as we have owned the Belgium warehouse. Why not use the Belgium warehouse to replace the UK warehouse? We have tried to deliver some items from Belgium warehouse since we owned that; however, we found that there are some problems existing. For example, we found the delivery areas are so narrow that some other countries and regions can not be reached, like Germany. What’s more, the option of the mode of delivery is too limited to choose. Sometimes we have no way but to cancel the order or ask the customers to change the shipping address, which has caused some inconvenience and influenced our work and customers. That is the reason why we think it is necessary to make the Germany warehouse.

      Ⅲ. Compare between Germany warehouse & Belgium warehouse

        Like we talk above, the delivery areas of Belgium warehouse are narrow, once we found the Germany warehouse, the delivery domain will be larger and more European countries and regions can be reached. More shipping modes can be chosen and used to deliver the items, like DPD, UPS,  DHL and more, though the Belgium warehouse sometimes can only use one shipping way——UPS.

        Last but not least, we hope that customers don’t need to worry too much about the Brexit. Our Germany warehouse is under operation and will provide you with better service. ICAN has always paid attention to the quality of products and service for customers and will commit ourselves to offering more preferable service to you in the future. Thanks for your continued support and care to ICAN, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help!