Have you ever watched track racing on TV and thought I would like to give that a try? With our AC135 track frame, you will be able to go from starting out to top of the podium with a bike frame that will not let you down and will not break the bank.

Our AC135 frame has been from the ground up using the excellent Toray T700 carbon fibre. This frame has been optimized to make sure every watt you press through your pedals is transmitted to your wheels to maximize how fast you ride. You will not believe how fast this frame goes; it will feel like you have attached a motor to your bike.

To do this, we have built the frame with a tapered head tube to make sure there is no flex at the front of the bike. Our bottom bracket area is enormous. There will be absolutely no deflection from your pedal stroke here. We have lowered the seat stays this is both for aerodynamic purposes and because it makes the frame stiffer. We wanted all your effort to push your back wheel round and not to be lost in unnecessary flex.

With the frameset, you will also get an aero carbon seatpost as a nice finishing touch. The seatpost is not only aero but also adds to aggressive, sculpted looks of the AC135 track frameset, allow yourself to unleash your inner beast with this frame and destroy your competition.

Look at the TT016 in the picture over there. It looks fast because it is fast. In the...
Our new track frame, the AC135, is designed around speed. No compromise has been made in this pursuit....
$ 1,050.00 USD

$ 669.00 USD