The world has suffered the COVID 19 for half a year. It has destroyed the economy balance seriously, but ICAN has tried our best to recover in this crazy time.

Shipping Cost-Too High?

We have received many message that why the shipping cost has increased so much? It is crazy and ridiculous, because we declare in our Shipping & Delivery that it is just not more than 100USD. We need to explain to you all, that was for the previous shipping way China EMS. However, actually we can not use China EMS to ship the items out, due to the COVID-19. Some customers may doubt that they can receive the item shipped by China Post, why we can not use that? We need to say that it is for items with small volume. You should know that the volume of the frame and wheelset is a little bit large, EMS can not accept that. We had tried to use EMS during this time, but they were all returned. That is, we have no way but use DHL to ship the items out. DHL is a little bit expensive but it may take about 7-8 working days to arrive, for some countries, it would be quicker. This is why the shipping cost is high now.

Delivery Time-Too Slow?

We all know it is hard time now, fewer flights cause the slow shipment. Some customers may said that the tracking information hasn’t updated for a long time, we have to say that it is normal because the flights are limited now. So we hope customers can wait patiently after the items are shipped out. If you really find that the items doen’t update for a long long time, you can contact us and we will try to solve the problem for you. Hope you can understand the delivery time in this special time.

Shipping Way

Small parts can still be shipped by China post-EUB. For items with larger volume, we can use DHL to ship out the item our mostly. It is a little bit expensive but it would be quicker. For customers in European countries, we can also use XDB shipping way to ship items, it may take more than 20 working days if you can accept. Besides, we will pay more attention to shipping more products to our oversea warehouse, we recommend customers to consider preferentially the parcels in oversea warehouse, that would be more convenient.

Hope we will be overcome and be better and better in the future!