If you want to buy our ICAN carbon wheelset and frame but with the limited budget, now you can achieve that goal,shoot us a video or write for us.then you can save some money.

1  Shoot a small video about our ICAN bikes, wheels and frame review, about 3-5 minutes, and upload to youtube, then send us a link.

2  Write an article about our ICAN carbon wheelset and frame, more than 1000 words.

If you did these things for us.shoot a video or write an article for us.then you will get:

  • 50 USD Gift Card(use on our website only), when you buy things over 50 USD, then you can use this gift card

Or you can choose two of  below items:

  • One carbon bottle cages
  • One rear hanger of our frame
  • One set of a brake pad and one set of rim tape
  • One set of skewers
  • One headset for our frame

Pls contact us if you are interested. email to: info@icancycling.com