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How to Avoid Bonking on Road Bike Rides
You have probably gone out on a bike ride at some point and pushed yourself a little too hard. You start to feel empty inside. Your body stop...

A Complete Guide To Road Bike Groupset
Your road bike is an assemblage of pretty simple components until you install a proper groupset in it. A gear road bike comes with some complex mec...

The Best Carbon Aero road bike 2022

Especially, due to the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the demand for Aero road bikes is rising rapidly. By 2021, it will be difficult for you to buy affordable, high-quality Aero road bikes.Even if you can buy aero frames and aero wheels, the groupsets are very difficult to find.We still decided to take a look at  the best recommendation aero road bikes 2021.


It is easy to buy an Aero Road Bike, but it is difficult to buy a suitable Aero Road Bike.When buying an Aero Road Bike, we need to consider more factors. Aero Road Bikes are never cheap, so the price is an important factor you need to consider. Sometimes you can buy a big-brand quality bike at an affordable price.

This article will tell you the complete factors you need to consider when buy a bike.

Going 12 Speed on Your Road Bike

XD R stands for XD Road, and it is based off SRAM’S highly successful XD driver for mountain bikes. The simple idea behind XD and XDR drivers was to allow SRAM to bring you a wider gear range by allowing you to run a smaller cog than can currently be fitted on standard freehub bodies.

50mm road wheelset with DT hub make you stand out from the crowd

First let’s talk about carbon wheelset. Road Bike wheels are different than other bikes like MTB, Commuter etc. These road bikes are designed for speed and durability. For speed the road bikes are designed and engineered to be aerodynamically efficient. Road bike wheelsets are no different from this design. They are built thin and narrow as much as possible.