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What You Need To Know Before Your First Enduro Race

Are you a rider? Do you want to know how excellent your riding skills are? Do you want to take part in a fun-filled kind of racing that allows you to compete with professional riders? Then it would be best if you considered the Enduro race. If you’re a beginner and haven’t learnt much about Enduro, you’re at the right place to know every important thing about the Enduro race. In this review, you’ll get exposed to everything you need to know before your first Enduro race. 

What exactly is an Enduro race?

Enduro race is a long mountain bike race where participants go through three to six timed stages of racing. Usually, time is set for participants when they are racing downhill. Untimed stages are when riders are racing uphill. The Enduro race generally focuses more on how participants can enhance their body fitness rather than speed. Car and motorbike racing events inspired Enduro activity in Europe. The concept was simply for riders to race downhill from the top of a mountain. 

If there is any form of race at all that combines all the elements of all racing disciplines, it would be the Enduro race. From the stamina needed to participate in virtually every other form of racing to skills, everything is found in the Enduro race. 

Does the Enduro race require a special type of bike?

Technically, yes. However, this is not mandatory. If the goal is to have fun and not necessarily to beat other racers’ records, you can try any mountain bike. If you want something extra for yourself, you might consider choosing a unique bike. When you’re choosing one, ensure that the location of the race is taken into utmost consideration. If you are racing down the hill all day, remember that a considerable amount of suspensions will be a terrible option for you when descending. Make sure the mountain beast is not too huge to make pedaling downhill and uphill easy for you.

Meanwhile, hardtails have been proven to be good options. If that’s all you have, it’s not bad. If you can afford a modern 120-160mm travel bike, that will be better. 

There are a lot of specialist bikes for Enduro races, but if you’re participating in any Enduro event for the first time, you can use whatever you have or can afford. 

Do I need a full-face helmet for the Enduro race?

This depends solely on where you’re riding. In the United Kingdom, most racing events don’t require using full-face helmets. However, if you find yourself in Europe, you may have to go through the rules and regulations guiding the Enduro race in that city. Although all events require the use of helmets, the choice solely depends on you. If you trust your wit and you are sure you can not face-butt a tree, you can wear a regular helmet. If, however, you’re a novice and you do not trust your skills so well, using a full-face helmet would be a better idea. There are some lighter Enduro helmets on the market today that cover the whole face while they also give room for enough ventilation. Some others have removable chin-protection guards that can ultimately reduce the chances of accidents while riding. 

Do I need to check the time while racing?

If you’re in an Enduro race that offers ‘open timing,’ make sure you are back before the final cutoff. Else, you may get penalized. The most important is to ensure you race with all your mind and try as much as possible to meet up with the person in front of you. Close the gap between the one in your front (if the coordinating officials are not timing the event). Better still, you can get a watch strapped on your wrist to check the time if that’s important. It is better than having a phone in your pocket and bringing it out every time to check the time. If it’s a big event where timing matters, you can just synchronize your watch with the clocks in the area. It will help you to be cautious of time. 

What do I take along with me to an Enduro race?

There are a few essential items that you may need to take along with you. If the officials allow the use of mobile phones, you can take that along. You may also need to go with an extra tube for your tire (one is enough). A pump is also vital for an Enduro race. Take a jacket along with you if you’re going to race in the winter. Except for your phone, every other item can be kept in your kit for easy access and mobility. If you can not afford the specific kit box for the race, you can take one of your backpacks along with you and put everything in. 

Do I need special tyres for Enduro race?

You don’t necessarily need a special tyre. Ensure your tyres are in good condition, and you inspect them the night before your race to avoid disappointment. 

Must I put my glasses on?

If you trust your instincts well, you can race without glasses. However, first-timers are encouraged to ensure they keep their peepers safe. Glasses protect your eyes against external objects and also against the wind. When you are racing at high speed, you may have to close an eye because of the wind. Consequently, this will reduce your rate of perception, and in fact, you may not see an obstacle ahead which may result in an accident. Glasses have saved a lot of riders, and the good news is that they are very cheap. So, for your safety, get eyeglasses before your first Enduro race. 

Final words 

Enduro race is fun and exciting. You have nothing to fear if it’s your first time. If you have read these tips, you can understand what Enduro race is all about, and you can go ahead to participate in one. Enduro improves your psychological, mental, and physical health. You have just a split second to do a lot of calculations while riding. This helps to improve your mental health. So, why not give it a try today? 

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