► Why do you need to know about modes of shipping often used in China?

As we all know, an increasing number of people from worldwide choose to purchase products from China. Why is there such a craze? It goes without saying that China is a productive country where is full of many kinds of products, with reasonable prices and high performances. There is no doubt that everyone wants to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience, therefore, knowing the modes of shipping and how to choose is one of the steps to make it!

▶ Types of Shipping

Here we will simply introduce some shipping ways usually used for transnational transportation in China.

① Commercial Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.
② Postal Service: China EMS, SingaporeEMS and HK EMS.
③ ExpressLine: US line, EU line (XDB), and etc.
④ Small items: EUB(E-packet).

    ▶ Compare

    ① Cost: some shipping ways cost much according to volume weight, like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT; the express line like XDB will cost more because they can help to avoid taxes. and Postal Service may best for the carbon wheelset and frame because they just calculate the real weight, not volume weight, then will cost less than Commercial Express. 
    ② Shipping Time: commercial express will be much quicker than the others, maybe 3-7 working days normally; the postal service may cost 10-12 working days (excluding some remote regions); the express line like XDB may take 10-22 working days to arrive; EUB for small items may take more than 12 days to arrive.
    ③ Clearance: we need to remind you all that we don’t help customers to pay for the taxes and customs. However, some customers from European countries may require this much more than others, we may recommend them to use XDB shipping, which can help to avoid taxes and customs.

      ▶  How to choose a better shipping way for yourself?

      Since our customers come from all over the world, different countries and regions may have different requirements. Now we are going to recommend to you what we think is suitable for you with our past working experience.

      ① Customers from North America: use EMS, but if you want to enjoy quicker shipping and can accept the high shipping fees, you can choose commercial express, too.
      ② Customers from Europe: use XDB to avoid taxes and customs, if you don’t want that and can accept the high taxes, you can choose to use EMS.
      ③ Customers from Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia: use EMS, cheaper, no so far and won’t take much time to arrive.

        ▶ What can you do for your order?

        ① Before shipping

        • When you are checking out for your order, do remember to leave your right details of the address. Besides, the phone number is important, this is required by the carrier.

        • Do provide us with a right shipping address, if there are two addresses, we will send an e-mail to you to check about that.

        • Since we don’t pay for the taxes and customs for customers, if you have any requirements of your order, like how much you want to declare for the items, just leave a message when placing the order or send an e-mail to us after placing the order. In fact, we usually declare a lower price like $80 for the large items.

        • The default shipping set on our website are EMS and XDB(for EU), if you want to change the shipping way, please e-mail us before placing the order or send e-mail in time after placing the order. For example, some European customers want to use XDB but they have chosen EMS when checking out. How to change that? If you are willing to use XDB shipping, please send an e-mail to us and then we will send an invoice to ask for the remaining money, of course, that will eliminate the freight you have paid for your order. But we think you can be cautious of choosing shipping way, then it can save time to avoid sending an e-mail to checking about something.

        • After we receive your order, if there are some remote countries that EMS (the default one) cannot reach, we will try our best to find out a shipping way like using Singapore EMS or HK EMS, which may be suitable for you. However, under this circumstance, it may cost more because of the special shipping way. If we can find out a shipping way for you and have calculated the fees, we will send an e-mail to inform you and confirm that whether you can accept and pay for the extra fees for the shipping.

        ② During shipping

        • Insurance: Sellers have bought insurance for our products, mainly large items.

        • Tracking: You will get the tracking number after the goods are shipped, at that time, you can use the official websites to track the items:


        • There are many options of switching language, also, it can track for a variety of shipping and logistics, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, DPD, EMS and so on.

        • The problem may happen: What if the tracking information doesn’t update? Don’t worry, some logistics like EUB, it will not update until the items arrive at the local post office. What if you find that your goods may have lost? Just contact with us and we will check the condition of the item.

        • Don’t want the item any more: We were faced with a situation that one of our customers didn’t want the item after he knew about the high export taxes. What should you do if you have the same idea? Once you don’t want the item but it is still in transit, you don’t need to pick it up, just refuse to sign for the parcel. Then we will tell the logistics and refund you the money but except for the shipping fees after we receive the returned item.

        ③ When picking items up

        When the items have arrived at your local post office, what should you do when going ahead to pick them up? It is important for you to pay attention to the condition of the parcel, if there is something wrong with the parcel, like obvious damage of the outer box, just refuse to sign for it. Also, you can take some photos, send to us and offer the information of your order and tracking number to us, we will tell the logistics and refund you the money after we receive the returned item.

        ▶ Some problems may happen to influence shipping

        ① In peak season

        When is the peak season? Actually, it may be from November to the next year’s January. What may happen at that time? Too many goods need to be dealt, which would result in accumulation. It may take about or more than one month to receive the item, much worse, and the parcel may be lost sometimes. Will the freight be increased? The EMS may calculate the fees according to volume weight.

        ② When it is during holidays 

        We have two short break holidays, one is the National day (in October), and the other is the Chinese New Year (in January or February). During the holidays, we could not make a delivery; goods will not be shipped until we go back to work. Sometimes the products may be out of stock and customers need to wait for sometime, we will arrange your order at the first time we come back to work and will let you know how to process it.

        ③ Other problems

        When the weather is bad or if there is a local strike, which will influence the delivery time.

        ④ How you can do with them

        If you face the situation as we illustrate above, please contact us for the first time, explain the condition of your items. We will track and follow up your problems then make feedback of the shipping to you. Therefore, the shipping can not be controlled so that we hope all customers can understand the sellers.  

         ▶  Our overseas warehouse with quicker shipping

        ① Introduction: In order to improve the customer experience, we send some products to the overseas warehouse. Now we have US, UK, Belgium, and Australia warehouse. We would recommend customers to look through and buy the products in our overseas warehouse first, which will help you enjoy quicker shipment.  

        ② Pros: Greatly improves the user experience and product turnaround time. People will enjoy quicker shipment; there is usually a tracking number soon after we create the shipment in our overseas warehouse system. Taxes and customs have been prepaid so that you will not need to pay for that.

        ③ Cons: Price may be a little bit higher than that shipped from China since the taxes are prepaid and will be included in the price. Customers can compare the price and taxes and take consideration when deciding to buy. Besides, we usually send the sell-fast products to the overseas warehouse, so they are limited to choose. One more thing, we take the strategy of “multiple shipments, small amounts” so that the quantity is limited, too.

         ▶  Small tips for you

        With the consideration of the holidays, taxes and some problems may happen; we do recommend you give priority to the products in the warehouse. If the goods need to be shipped from China, please confirm which shipping is suitable for you. Last but not least, choose a good time to avoid delayed delivery is important, too. We sellers hope that you can enjoy a better shopping experience during the whole process of the order!