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What Length of Valve do I Need?

What Length of Valve Do You Need?

One of the stumbling blocks for many people is what size of valves they need when they want to buy deep section carbon fiber wheels . We felt that we could save you from that problem; it will always be a problem when you least expect it.

You’ll get a puncture the day before a ride out with friends or a race that you are targeting, although that is more likely to be a mysterious puncture that appears from nowhere and deflates your tire magically during the night.

You then have a hectic morning trying to find tubes with the correct length valve or valve extenders to make tubes you already have fit. It might be even more fun if you have gone tubeless, trying to find 80mm tubeless valves is fantastic fun when you are pushed for time.

That is why we have created the below valve length to the rim depth chart. We would recommend that you always have spares of the correct size so as to save yourself from the stress as mentioned earlier. It also means if the worst does happen you can phone round bike shops or order valves on the internet knowing that they will be the ones that you need.

There is currently no standard for the length of the long valve tube, but most of them are around 50-80 mm.

Many manufacturers calculate the appropriate value length based on a large amount of test data.

Generally speaking,the longer the rim depth, the longer the valve size you need.

Recommend Valve length you should choose for your wheels

Rim Depth

Valve Length Needed








60 – 70mm


70 – 80mm



Tips for Valves 

  • Make sure you keep a valve tool in your ride tool pocket and one in your kit at home.
  • For the valve tool at home wrap it in a bit of electrical tape with a small tail coming off it. It will now be a lot easier to find.
  • If you are using extender check the tightness occasionally and always before you try and pump your tires up.
  • Always fully loosen the lock nut on top of the valve core before you pump your tires.
  • Remember and close the lock nut, you might not be surprised by the number of people who forget that and end up with a broken valve.
  • Tighten the lock nut at the bottom of the valve to the wheel rim. If it goes loose the noise from it rattling will ruin a ride as you try and work out where the noise is coming from.
  • Road bike valves are called Presta. Schrader valves will not fit your bike wheels.
  • You will not be able to use the pump at your local fuel station to pump up tires with a Presta valve.
  • Always check your valve to make sure it has no cracks or splits in it.
  • Always make sure your valve is inserted vertically, do not have a valve leaning over to one side.

Now you know the mysteries of tire valves you should have no problems with making sure you are running the correct valves for your rim depth.

Please remember this chart is for ICAN carbon fiber wheels, other manufacturer’s measurements may differ.Now go out and ride your bike.